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Cincinnati has been known as a locus of capitalist excess, but Occupy Cincinnati (which camped at Piatt Park) and others have been on the forefront of progress at fighting against it.

Two of the most visible boondoggles in downtown Cincinnati are the stadiums for the Reds and the Bengals: A sales tax increase was enacted to pay for them, thus redistributing the people's money to the sporting industry.

Fountain Square has been defiled by Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC), which represents Cincinnati's Big Business community. And at the northeast corner of 7th & Walnut is the building that contains the county headquarters of the hated Republican Party.

South of the GOP digs is the Metropole, a building once used for affordable housing. But 3CDC forced out residents and turned it into a luxury hotel. At least one resident endured threats of violence.

Then there's the Anna Louise Inn - which was forced out of the neighborhood by corporate bullying.

Also, at 3rd & Elm is the building for the Cincinnati Enquirer, a newspaper that has long championed right-wing causes.

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