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Newport is one of 2 county seats of Campbell County. (Ohhh!) The Tea Party inexplicably filed a lawsuit to declare that Newport is not a county seat, but a judge ruled in 2010 that Newport is indeed a county seat.

The east end of the map includes the main branch of the Campbell County Public Library - another target of Tea Party wrath. The Tea Party filed a baseless suit against the library in an attempt to force it to roll back the library tax (even though it was legally enacted).

Right across 6th Street from the library is Newport High School, known in recent times for its unconstitutional uniform requirement.

The west edge of the map features the proposed extension of KY 9. The entire purpose of this project is to demolish much of the housing project south of 5th Street. If a new road was truly needed, it could have easily been routed through more of the empty space north of 4th instead, but officials say the new road will be used to spur development of the empty space with luxury housing. In other words, the poor are again robbed to serve the rich. The area north of 4th is empty because it too once had a housing project, and that land was turned over to a developer, who let it sit vacant for years.

Also, construction of I-471 in the 1970s decimated much of the city's east side. (Wealthy suburban areas were of course spared.)

Newport on the Levee - a shopping mall built by a private developer - was constructed on the riverfront after the city abused eminent domain to buy up houses and turn them over to the developer. Around the same time, the city planned a similar land grab to buy up a huge area (including the housing projects) and turn it over to a proposed NBA expansion team for an arena. (Kentucky Post 9/6/2001)

Much Occupy activity has taken place in front of the World Peace Bell, in full view of the courthouse. For instance, Occupy Campbell County has held rallies there against the county's closure of Lakeside Terrace and against the Tea Party's library lawsuits.

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