Other peeps are as cool as you and I are for having their own web page. Here's an alphabetized list of links from other folks that you can check out. There's some real nifty shit out there, man!


ASFAR. These folks despise age restrictions just as much as you do.

Bell Labs online voice synthesizer!

Bert Is Evil! Censored by the Kenton County Pubic LIEbrary, this site was so popular that it overloaded its host site and must now be accessed via one of its many mirror sites.

Remember Burger Chef, the now-defunct fast-food chain?

Common Dreams.

Watch your congressperson with Congress Watch.

Do you care about my favorite decade as much as everyone else does? If you do, DeeT's '70s Page is just the page for you! This site is chock-full of sound bites from all the TV shows and commercials you ridiculed in your youth.

Heyyyyy youuuuu guyyyyys! It's "THE ELECTRIC COMPANY!!!"

Gatewood Galbraith, the last free man in America, ran for governor of Kentucky again in 1999 and scored 15% of the vote. Galbraith has long been opening Kentuckians' eyes about the rank horror of the War on Drugs.

George W. Bush - The Dark Side!

Human Society That Works For Everyone. Numerous progressive links!

Humane Farming Association.

Independent Media Center.

Jenwolf is one of my 'Net allies from way back.

An EXCELLENT site that tackles the scourge of letterboxed movies--video releases of films that are ruined by black bars blocking the top and bottom of the screen. Now with a new section on the RIAA racketeers shutting down Napster!

Lucianarchy, another opponent of Usenet censorship.

Lyrics World! Lyrics of most songs to hit the top 40 singles chart between 1930 and 1999!!!

The Micronations Page, efforts by people to start their own countries.

MindFreedom Online exposes the human rights violations of the psychiatric industry.

Put a monkey on your back with Monkey Business.

Here's a link for all the Usenet crybabies who scream and stamp their feet when they see posts they disagree with. Instead of calling up the person's employer to try to get them fired, they should download Nfilter, a killfile program you can use in conjunction with your newsreader.

Northern Kentucky University, model of academic oppression and one of 4 schools I was expelled from.

A hilarious newspaper called The Onion.

Quiet in the courtroom, please! It's Petri Hawkins-Byrd, the bailiff on "Judge Judy".

The Pie Man, who used to smash pies in politicians' faces in the '70s.

Pixee is yet another of my 'Net friends.

Project NoSpank.

Protest Illegal President With U.S. Mail. Anti-Bush stickers for envelopes!

Reel Top 40 Radio Suppository--oops, Repository features the sounds of classic top 40 rock 'n' roll radio that America has been missing.

Republicans Get Caught With Their Pants Down!

A very caring organization called Sane Aviation For Everyone.

A really awful Schizophrenia Home Page. This worthless page is an organ for propaganda of the mind control industry.

SCHOOL BLOWS! A site for school haters.

"Simpsons" Archive, including detailed accounts of every "Simpsons" episode.

Summer Matters. Terrific web page against the Hitlerly practice of year-round school!

Turn Left! A very fine liberal page--one of the few liberal pages in this seething cauldron of right-wing propaganda that we call the Internet. Features a list of the most "liberal-friendly" and "liberal-unfriendly" cities in America.

Weird Al's Page To Re-Legalize Sex In Kentucky.

Where's George? Type in serial numbers of all the dollar bills you have, and see where they have been! (Sometimes, you don't want to know where they've been, as you can see from typing "toilet" in their search engine.)

WHOIS Lookup. Getting harassed by 'Net Nazis? Use this nifty tool to trace their IP number to their ISP and sometimes even their geographic location. Once you've traced their IP number to their ISP, use this domain name lookup tool so you know where to report them. In fact, WHOIS has been expanded to include IP numbers too!