Feb. 26-27 2011

An attempt to show downtown Anniston, Ala.

Another attempt.

This is actually old US 431 in northern Randolph County.

We backtracked on US 431, but I don't know if we've turned off onto AL 9 yet.

This has to be southwest on AL 9.

This beautiful road is probably AL 49 near Lineville.

Speed limit's only 10 MPH! This is the heart of Alexander City, Ala. (hometown of football legend Terrell Owens). The street forms Court Square in front of this building, which I think is the city hall or branch courthouse, though Alexander City is not the county seat.

A view of Montgomery - Alabama's capital city! This city was really the base for this trip. But our motel there was plagued by guests yelling all night, and best of all, there was a piece of POOP on the floor of our hotel room!

This is probably in Monroe County near the town of Old Texas. This is surprisingly close to Florida, and most of the area is rural woods.

Back in Montgomery, we think this is north on Union Street (which is or was AL 9) near Grove Street.

Union Street at Adams Street.

It's the amazing Alabama State Capitol! The signs along the street read "RESERVED FOR GOVERNOR'S STAFF." Why don't I get a staff like the Governor of Alabama? The State Capitol was completed in 1851. The Alabama legislature now meets in another building, however. This building also briefly served as the capitol for the short-lived Confederacy. Also, I think the flame at center left is the Flame of Freedom, which honors Alabama's war veterans.

A view of downtown Montgomery and Monroe Street.

Continuing through downtown.

South on Hull Street approaching Dexter Avenue.

On Dexter Avenue approaching the State Capitol.

This is Dexter Avenue Baptist Church - now officially known as Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. The plaque in front of this 1885 structure reads in part, "Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. served as pastor (1954-1960). Montgomery bus boycott organized here December 2, 1955." This church still has services.

This modern building is the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Another Montgomery street scene. The guy with the hardhat on the banner sort of reminds me of the logos of PBS and Kinko's.

I'm not sure what street this is, but it's approaching Court Street.

Southwest on Bibb Street in Montgomery. (Was Bibb Street named after Leslie Bibb?)

One last view of Montgomery - this time from I-65. The Alabama River is on the left.

Heading into Birmingham on I-65. The Vulcan statue is perched on the hill in the background.

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