Oct. 5-6 2022

A good view of the Blackwood Covered Bridge. What does "B + E" stand for? Breaking and entering? Bert and Ernie?

Crossing the Blackwood Covered Bridge.

The other end of the bridge. They like talking about "loads."

Heading back on the bridge.

Northwest on Zion.

This was quite a prize! This is looking east on Garden Hill Road, which looks to be pretty much abandoned.

My biggest disappointment in this photo shoot was the inability to get a better photo here. I think this is east on Bucks Lake at Carter. I couldn't get a good photo because the language settings on my Google Maps app changed by themselves, and the instructions for changing them back were wrong, so I had a big fight with the app.

This is a reverse of the route to the covered bridge. My Google timeline thinks I teleported myself directly back to old US 33, but we're not at old US 33 yet.

The teleporting continues.

This is clearly along Shade Road, and may be looking north on Fossil Rock Road.

Old US 33 at Pleasant Hill.

This junction assembly for US 50/OH 32 is old! This is old US 33, but a map shows this was still US 33 in 1995.

US 33 and 50 both form freeways around Athens. This is northwest on US 33 approaching the OH 13/550 exit. OH 550 was once US 50N and later Alt US 50 until it became OH 550 in 1976.

OH 13 in Chauncey.

OH 13 angles onto this stretch. That says "DO NOT BLOCK DRIVE", and it's an old one.

West on Monserat Road approaching the Kidwell Covered Bridge. When I saw Monserat Road, I thought of the Beach Boys song where I thought they sang, "That Montserrat mistake..."

The Kidwell Covered Bridge was built in 1880 and crosses Sunday Creek. A 2011 photo shows it was closed, but here it's back with a vengeance!

Crossing the Kidwell Covered Bridge.

Stop! In the name of the law! This has to be north on Truetown Road at the end of Monserat.

Back east at the Kidwell span.

East on the Kidwell bridge.

The sign for that business up ahead looks like the Bazooka bubble gum logo! This is east on Monserat.

This van on a post loomed at the junction with OH 13.

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