Oct. 5-6 2022

Probably OH 13 near Jacksonville, Ohio.

From OH 13/78 in Glouster, this is looking onto Cherry Street, behind that stop sign that looks like it's from the Eisenhower era. Glouster is where we found a monstrous bee in the car that menaced us all.

Up ahead, OH 13/78 angles from High Street onto Main Street.

OH 13 north of Glouster.

A view of the Palos Covered Bridge from OH 13. The bridge was built in the 1870s.

The Palos Covered Bridge is the fourth covered bridge on this trip.

The bridge carries Red Rock Road across Sunday Creek.

Red Rock Road continues.

This is another big prize as we head back toward the bridge.

Approaching the Palos Covered Bridge again.

Crossing the bridge.

Returning through Glouster on OH 13/78.

OH 13/78 uses Broad, Main, and High through Glouster.

This is where OH 13/78 dances to the south on High Street. As we reel from the bee, we should note that my 1996 Columbus outing included a side trip to a town near here called Nelsonville, where there was a little train ride where bees were flying all over the place. They sure are big on bees around here!

OH 13 at OH 682 in Chauncey.

Freeway US 33 on the northeast of Athens. Why is this exit 196? It's probably numbered from the Indiana state line.

East on US 50/OH 32, we cross the creek that forms from Dow Lake. Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump! Every time I think of Dow, I think of the Dowgard commercial that scared everyone. Dow Lake was created by a dam that was completed in 1960. The lake is used by Ohio University for aquatic sports.

This has to be where we turn off into Strouds Run State Park. Google Maps labels the park as "recreation in the Appalachian foothills."

Power lines often follow old roads, but I can't seem to find an old road here.

Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump! This has to be the famous Dow Lake, as seen from the dam.

My best guess is that this is north on May Avenue in Athens. Note the brick pavement.

Assuming this was May Avenue, it becomes Cable Lane.

Probably Cable Lane.

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