Oct. 5-6 2022

Possibly where Cable Lane becomes Strouds Run Road.

Strouds Run intersects with itself.

From a bridge on Strouds Run built in the 1960s or 1970s, this is looking southeast on US 33.

The Tim Tent kicks along at Strouds Run State Park! Every time I used the restroom at the campsite, I noticed there was a fresh puddle of pee on the floor.

The park includes this trail, a people's road.

I guess it's a brand new day after all, and now we're going the other way on the Strouds Run span.

Southwest on Columbia Avenue in Athens.

Southeast on Madison.

Continuing on Madison.

State Street at Fern.

Brick-paved State Street approaches College Street.

State at Court. As we trek through Athens, it behooves us to mention that in the 2020s, Athens sadly morphed from being one of the most forward-thinking towns in Ohio to one of the most regressive. This decline is typical of college towns.

South on Congress at Washington. This used to be part of a one-way pair on US 33/50.

More brick-paved goodness on Union Street.

Continuing on Union.

Rock Riffle Road parallels the Hocking River. Much of this path has been buried by US 33/50.

OH 682 (South Plains Road) forms from an exit from US 33/50. This is right after we go under Hooper Street - as in Mr. Hooper of Sesame Street.

Looking onto the Richland Avenue bridge over the Hocking River. I can't find much about this bridge, which crosses a section of the river that was rechanneled in the early 1970s.

Looking back at the bridge.

OH 682 with the Hocking River at right.

OH 56 whisks us away from Athens.

OH 56/328 near Starr. This is another instance where I successfully located a photo on Google Street View by making a wild guess.

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