Oct. 5-6 2022

OH 56 near New Plymouth. This road was once a trail built by native people.

OH 56 at OH 93.

A trail - a people's road - at Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park. The cave has been described as the most spectacular recess cave in Ohio. A recess cave has nothing to do with recess at school, but is rather a type of cave with a recess shelter. The shelter here provided a workshop for the area's early inhabitants. Whatever the weather, Ash Cave rules. However, the trail was still one-way in October 2022, a lingering vestige of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see a waterfall trickling from the cliff above.

The waterfall forms a small pool of water on the trail.

Pretty sure this is OH 56 again.

This too.

Creamery Hill Road near Laurelville.

OH 180 in Hallsville. Remember the "Halls of medicine"?

OH 180 goes under a rail bridge about a mile east of OH 159.

Main Street in Chillicothe uses this viaduct. We went on a family vacation to Chillicothe in 1984. I remember going to a big lake and visiting a convenience store where some kids tried buying bubble gum and their mom got mad.

US 50 in Bainbridge. They have a dental museum. The kids who tried buying bubble gum would like that!

South on OH 753.

US 50/OH 124 uses Main Street here in Hillsboro. This is Main at East. I was once told that Hillsboro is where the longest east-west U.S. route (US 50) meets the longest north-south U.S. route (US 62), but I'm pretty sure US 20 is longer than US 50, and US 62 may be more east-west than north-south, as it has an even number.

High Street here has US 62, OH 73, and OH 138.

I think this is Dunlap Road south of Hillsboro, which used to be US 62.

Big Ernie's! Like the guy on Sesame Street! I think this is Dunlap Road again.

Back north on High.

An accident gauntlet on US 50.

South on East Danville Road.

OH 131 brings us back to US 50.

Another view of the 5-way intersection where OH 131 meets US 50.

I thought I had a photo in one of my late 2022 trips showing a business called Puttin' on the Ritz - named for a song with a line about prostitution - but I can't find it anywhere.

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