Sep. 27-Oct. 3 2012

This is a roads page, but it also celebrates interesting sights along the world's network of highways and byways. This oddly shaped water tower is probably in Bancroft, Iowa.

Maple Street in Ringsted, Iowa.

A dust storm between Ringsted and Graettinger.

On an exciting gravel road 13 minutes later. You can pick up speed on these little critters! I've pinpointed this as 230th Street in Wallingford (which was not named after All My Children socialites Langley and Phoebe Wallingford).

On a boring paved road after that - though it becomes gravel straight ahead. This trip had more paved-to-gravel intersections like this than you can shake a stick at. Most were probably section line roads spaced a mile apart, a grid pattern covering much of the Midwest.

Another paved-to-gravel. I'm guessing this might be 270th Avenue near Terril.

South on US 18/71 (Grand Avenue) in Spencer. It has a nice median here.

US 18/71 approaches 7th Street in Spencer.

US 18/71 crosses the Little Sioux River in Spencer.

Hahaha! South Park Mall! Like the cartoon! This is also in Spencer. (It's also interesting that Spencer is a big enough market to support a mall.)

This water tower looks like Sam the Robot from Sesame Street! Not sure what town this is, but it could be Greenville.

A motion picture show depicting US 75 crossing from Iowa into Minnesota. The part of the road that runs west is right on the state line.

I-90 crosses from Minnesota into South Dakota!

North on I-29 in Sioux Falls, S.D. We're crossing under a path that is presumably for pedestrians and bikes. Note how the bridge has a ramped approach - which only seems innovative when you're accustomed to local governments that refuse to invest in bike facilities.

Continuing north on I-29 out of Sioux Falls. The highway worker on the orange sign supports Occupy, because he works hard like you do.

This has to be west on SD 34 approaching Madison.

This is in Madison. It actually has a fairly tall building for a city of 6,000. This college town was named after Madison, Wis. - the city that was Occupyin' months before Occupy was cool.

I suspect this is US 14 near Manchester, S.D. This might be right where we enter Beadle County. Beadle-eedle-eed!

This has to be US 14 approaching Huron, S.D. - hometown of Cheryl Ladd and Muriel Humphrey. I doubt the frontage road was old US 14.

US 14 in Huron. The bird depicted in the statue is believed to be a pheasant. Pheasant imagery is prevalent all over South Dakota.

You want roadly? You got roadly! US 14 goes over this lake in Huron. The barricaded road paralleling US 14 is 4th Street NE. It looks like they just plowed a divided highway right through town.

US 14 meets SD 37 in Huron.

US 14 in Huron. The frontage road is 4th Street NW, which ends here and resumes up ahead.

Back east on the old US 14 in Huron.

Still in Huron, this is Westpark Avenue at US 14. Westpark becomes 398th Avenue up ahead and goes under some device for some mill. Why 398th? Section line roads here are numbered one per mile. What it's 398 miles from, I don't know.

Keek! Ruan! This has to be US 14 near Wessington, S.D.

Probably SD 47 near Highmore.

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