Sep. 27-Oct. 3 2012

We left off in North Dakota, and this shows a dirt road - if it's even a road at all. During this trip, I saw several instances where clearings and other roadless spaces were marked as roads - paper roads, if you will. I'm guessing this could be off ND 22 near Gascoyne.

ND 22 approaching US 12. ND 22 turns right up ahead to use US 12, while the road beyond becomes unpaved.

West on US 12 in Scranton, N.D. The bridge is for ND 67, and there's a ramp to it, which is almost like a "Kentucky loop."

This is probably US 12 near Bowman, N.D.

US 12 near Marmarth, N.D.

"Maybe I'm a fool..."

North Dakota is a land of surprises. When you think of North Dakota, do you think of arid, mountainous terrain like this?

A rail line follows US 12 through most of its North Dakota run. This is a view of a small bridge on that rail line.

Another view of that rail bridge.

Another surprise: a video showing US 12 crossing from North Dakota into Montana, of all places!

A train travels alongside US 12 near Baker, Mont.

The train's still going here in Baker. This is north on Main Street, which uses MT 7.

South on MT 7, Main Street becomes Lake Street.

We return to North Dakota on US 12, and we were able to get another glimpse of the Montana welcome sign. This sign simplifies the state's western boundary, which is actually shaped like a profile of Ronald Reagan (though others have likened it to Richard Nixon or Tom Hanks).

Back in North Dakota, this formation caught my eye.

A view of the Little Missouri River from US 12.

We come back to South Dakota on US 85.

South on US 85 near Ludlow, S.D.

South Dakota has as many surprises as North Dakota. It's sort of like North Dakota only it's to its south. Maybe they should call it South North Dakota.

Mountain scenery along US 85.

You can see pretty far ahead going south on US 85 north of Belle Fourche. How? Mozzarella sticks, that's how. Sweet, wonderful mozzarella sticks.

Yet another shocker: Wyoming! In this movy (sic), SD 34 becomes WY 24. This is near Aladdin, Wyo. Remember a video game arcade called Aladdin's Castle? I got thrown out of that place once.

WY 24 continues near Aladdin.

WY 24 near Alva. About 20 miles in the distance is Devils Tower. It's the formation faintly visible at center left.

The town of Hulett on WY 24.

WY 24 continues through Hulett.

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