Nov. 8 Nov. 11 2009

The first item in this set is a stray photo I took as part of a Last Word expose. The other 5 are from a rather ordinary but not completely fruitless Roads Scholaring with the Peace Bike. So peep and meep...

This is the classism we have to deal with here in the Belv. The city is using this program to drive out poor and working-class people by paying building owners to convert apartments into one-family houses. If a working-class city has such a hard time electing officials who represent working-class interests, think how hard it is elsewhere. While we're on the subject of rancid politics, note the Enquirer rack - as if anyone's going to pay 75 cents for the farce our local paper has become.

This sign was removed shortly thereafter because I exposed how idiotic it was.

This video has us going east on 7th Avenue in Dayton, starting at the west edge of the city. It starts out as an alley but becomes a full-width street. The movie ends at 6th & Clay.

A creek that was once so pristine is now full of sewage because of unchecked development. This is at the bottom of Tower Hill Road in Fort Thomas, at KY 8. This bilingual sign is on a fence that blocks a set of steps down to the creek.

I've long looked for what was once the east end of Waterworks Road in Fort Thomas. Now known as Lester Lane, many maps show it touching KY 8, but I've never been able to find it. Is this it? Buy gum, I think it is! Looking up from KY 8, you'll notice the road runs into a gate - so it's probably been privatized (like too much else).

This clip has us going northwest on KY 8 in Fort Thomas. We stop just before reentering Dayton.

Southwest through Bellevue. The first 4 blocks are on Gorman Alley, which has a staggered intersection with each street. After 4 blocks, Gorman becomes Union Street. The end of the clip shows the western end of Eden Avenue - which was cut off here earlier in the 2000s.

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