June 19 2007

June 2007 will be remembered by locals for its wet spell. That doesn't stop me from bringing you 7 more unique road (and other outdoor) photos, to regale you with what the area looks like during its spring soakers.

This is a residential neighborhood in Bellevue. Hard-working people live here. It's raining, but the rain is going to get much easier to see.

An alley in Bellevue. You can faintly see some vertical lines, especially near the lower right. That's rain. The precip is sluicing out of the gutter of that apartment building at left and down the center of the alley.

This too is in Bellevue. And now it's really raining! It rained so much that the Ohio River flowed backwards (seriously).

Looking up Ervin Terrace in Dayton. The rain has finally let up a bit, but the sky tells us more rain looms in the near future. Looooom! Looooom! Hear that? It's looming!

It loomed!!! From the Dayton floodwall, we're looking at the alley that runs off the Bellevue side of O'Fallon Avenue near the river.

From the floodwall, looking down at the mud that rests where my beloved Dodd Drive once stood. (Supposedly the road is only temporarily closed.)

This friendly doggy opted to pose for this photo. Where the floodwall curves near its western end, there's this empty space big enough for several houses on the inside of the curve. This lovable pooch braved the rain.

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