June 11 June 23 2008

Is there life after the rollout of Street View? Yes! Yes there is! This set of photos covers 2 minor local Roads Scholarings in which I took the Peace Bike and the Action Cam out yet again!

Southwest on a tiny trail at Bellevue Beach Park. In keeping with my patriotic tradition of principled civil defiance, I brang a marker to the park - even though a sign prohibits possession of markers and paint with a threat of a $500 fine. This park in Bellevue gets its name from the fact that there used to be a beach here. That was before the Ohio River was effectively widened by extensive damming.

Badeedle-badeed! This is the Frisch's Big Boy restaurant on Landmark Drive (off Riviera Drive) in Bellevue. On the day of this photo, the eatery was graced with this giant inflatable Big Boy!

From the second outing covered in this set, this is in Newport, looking northwest on an abandoned block of Oak Street from 6th. Apparently it was abandoned in the 1970s to make way for I-471. I think the building at left was an old school that was made into apartments. The building at right is the public library that opened in 2004.

Southwest on the rail line that goes under 10th Street near Park Avenue in Newport. The overpass that carries 10th was built mid-decade to replace an earlier span that railroad giant CSX deemed too low. The train you see was moving slowly in reverse.

Southeast on Wilson Road in Newport's eastern panhandle. It's interesting that the fire station entrance sign would have a 97-X sticker, considering that the now-defunct but legendary radio station wasn't usually audible in Campbell County. This is approaching Waterworks Road, where Wilson becomes West Crescent Avenue and enters Woodlawn.

Northwest on West Crescent in Woodlawn, looking back towards Waterworks Road (where West Crescent becomes Wilson). Woodlawn is a tiny residential town along I-471 with only 300 peeps.

Northwest on Baum Street in Woodlawn. Baum closely paralleled Lourdes Lane, which was part of Spooky Hollow, a deeply wooded area that was lost around 1978 to build I-471.

Continuing on Baum. At the stop sign, Baum enters Newport and meets Waterworks Road. Waterworks used to also go off to the left, but that too was lost with Spooky Hollow. Man, I miss it!

Northwest on Wildcat Drive (the former Incinerator Road) in Newport, I was confronted with this uproarious billboard. This was an electronic billboard with alternating messages, periodically displaying Wayne Newton's Republican mug. You can see an elevated part of I-471 to the right of the billboard. Incidentally, the billboard was only a few years old and violated the Highway Beautification Act to much controversy.

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