Apr. 10-12 2022

A view of the replacement Leatherwood Ford Bridge.

Another view of the old Leatherwood Ford Bridge. This span was flooded again in the goliath thunderstorm.

RAIN RUINED THE WHOLE TRIP!!! Seriously, this time it did. This is back north on US 27 at KY 700 in Whitley City, Ky.

West on KY 700.

KY 700 approaches KY 1651.

KY 700 at KY 1651. KY 1651 used to be US 27. A 1954 map shows a phone line running where US 27 is now.

This road went back to an extra trail or two. I was half-asleep when we went back here, thanks to the storm and ruined sleeping bag depriving me of sleep.

Back east on KY 700.

US 27 goes under a rail bridge near Burnside. Not sideburns (much to the chagrin of my 5th grade principal or the drummer in the Pretenders), but Burnside.

As we cross the Cumberland River on US 27 in Burnside, this is a view of a rail bridge.

US 27 crosses a branch of Lake Cumberland.

I'm not sure what this is, but it could be KY 914, which bypasses Somerset on the south.

I don't know where this is either, but it looks like they're building a new bridge.

This is probably a construction zone related to the bridge construction.

Probably KY 461.

KY 461 at US 150 near Mount Vernon.

KY 595 in Berea.

North on Old Peggy Flats Road (KY 2874) in Berea. The Shell station on the right had been the site of part of a recent alleged crime spree by a bubble gum bandit. He allegedly stole sunglasses from Shell before the real fun went down in the building on the left.

The building on the left in the previous photo is this: a restaurant called Smokehouse Grill. According to a press report, a witness said the alleged sunglasses thief went into this restaurant, broke open a gumball machine, and took all the gum. When police caught the man, he was allegedly wearing 2 hats and sunglasses and chewing bubble gum. It is not known if he bubbled.

I'm really not sure what this is. It's probably off the east side of Old Peggy Flats Road looking towards I-75. It may be some new construction or even an abandoned driveway.

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