Oct. 2004

This batch of pics is from my Toronto trip where I saw Colin Hay of Men At Work in concert. We didn't get close enough to downtown Toronto to get any photos of its skyline, but the above pic is the next best thing: Buffalo! This is entering Buffalo from the southeast on I-190. From these pics you can see why we call it Cokebottleville. I have no idea how the reflection of a road atlas cover appeared in the lower right corner of this pic.

This is Buffalo again.

This scene is behind us as we're leaving Buffalo and approaching the Peace Bridge. I know the Bush regime had me on a list of dangerous subversives, so crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada wasn't as quick as it should be.

We went home through Toledo on I-75. This was right after we ate at that Steak 'n' Shake where we saw a whole family wasting all their food. I've blown this pic up so you can marvel at Toledo's skyscrapers.

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