July 26 2016

RAIN RUINED A WHOLE SCHOLARING!!!!!!!!!! No, it only enhanced it! For this 2-part photo shoot, we traveled by car to southern Campbell County. The sky cracked roos and the Republicanism hovered. This set even includes some good videos!

RAIN RUINED A WHOLE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! No, it only enhanced it! This is KY 8 in the rain, as we hydroplane from Dayton into Fort Thomas.

RAIN RUINED A WHOLE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! No, it only enhanced it! The wipers are on full blast as KY 8 follows the river in Fort Thomas. There's serious talk of permanently closing KY 8 from Tower Hill Road to KY 445, since parts of this stretch keep caving in and suffering mudslides. People are gonna have to use Fort Thomas Avenue instead. Can't wait to see the reaction!

The rain got even more biptastic in this video, as KY 8 continues to Silver Grove. There is or was an unincorporated place here called Brent, which more or less overlaps Silver Grove and Fort Thomas. Brent actually was named after Brent Spence (when he was 10).

The rain gets even stronger as we continue on KY 8! Now we're in Melbourne or Ross. Notice how the car kicked up huge puddles on the side of the road. The ground was completely saturated from the rainy summer, so water pooled on the highway.

Continuing on KY 8, the weather looked even more ominous. We were trying to escape the heavier clouds.

This is southeast on the KY 8 bridge over Twelvemile Creek. Oneonta has been reduced to virtually no settlement, and KY 8 has no sign whatsoever of the town of California.

KY 8 approaches Painter Road (KY 2921).

KY 8 approaches KY 735 in Mentor.

KY 735 is known as Smith Road.

This has to be KY 735 again.

KY 735 still!

KY 10 obviously. Like Oneonta, Flagg Spring is another community with almost no remaining settlement.

KY 10 again. I don't think this is where KY 10 turns west and makes that short dip into Pendleton County.

KY 10 reenters Campbell County and approaches KY 1121. Although this is eastbound KY 10, we're going west, and then KY 10 turns south. In other words, get a GPS or a homing pigeon.

The storms pick up again in this video on KY 1121. I'm pretty sure KY 1121 is Wesley Chapel Road here. Note the gigantic puddle of mud (not Puddle Of Mudd, but puddle of mud).

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