July 26 2016

Would you believe that only 2 days after this video, Cincinnati recorded the most rain ever in a single day? This is continuing north on KY 1121.

KY 1121 here is Persimmon Grove Pike, and here we're just about at Persimmon Grove. I call it Permission Grove, because you need permission to do just about anything in southern Campbell County.

Another mud puddle on KY 1121.

This would be a real treat if it turned out better. (Aw, you want a treat, you little woocap?) This is KY 1121 at Stevens Branch Road (KY 1996). What makes this so fi is that it has a KY 1996 marker that uses a circular shield like it's 1975 - not an elongated shield like you usually see today.

KY 1121 enters Alexandria. Look at the miniature river that the rain formed on the right-hand side of the road.

KY 1121 ends at KY 10 in Alexandria. Here you see another now-rare circular KY 1996 shield - representing a detour for that route.

Washington Street in Alexandria. Why is this significant? Because it used to be US 27, believe it or not. Also, in high school, I used to board a TANK bus right about here in afternoons. (Those in the know call it Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky.) One of my biggest memories of this is the time some kid from school found a chewed wad of bubble gum on the floor of a TANK bus that was idling near here and picked it up off the floor and chewed it. However, it is unknown whether or not he bubbled.

Grove Street - the home of you know what. Namely, a certain high school I've lampooned for years. Just think: Right up ahead is where we burned that cardboard pizza box.

Summit Lane in an unincorporated area completely surrounded by Cold Spring.

This is an old one alright. It's a very old sign for Royal Avenue, off Summit.

Looking south on US 27 at Summit. Notice another miniature river caused by the rain. And yes, the Summit Lane sign is old. It was around when I was in high school and I'm pretty sure it was around much earlier than that - probably 1970s or before.

Welcome to Newport. It's just a few smiles from home. But watch out! If our users aren't big, you may slip, trip, and fall! The welcome banner on the rail overpass over KY 9 was new.

This is about where KY 9 did turn onto 12th, but now we see the "progress" on the new KY 9 that overlays Lowell Street.

The end of the new KY 9 as it stood on this day.

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