May 1 2008

Continuing where I left off on East Alexandria Pike. How pristine!

Southeast on Upper Tug Fork Road.

A bit further on Upper Tug Fork.

This is east on Poplar Ridge Road.

West on Poplar Ridge from Four Mile Road. I had to bike up that big hill!

North on Four Mile Road. (Those in the know call it KY 547.) This was positively the worst road of the entire outing. Don't even try biking this route. The most you can do is hoof it!

Continuing on KY 547, approaching KY 1997 (which was once part of KY 547) in Camp Springs.

It was the last day to burn April 30? Darn! I forgot to burn April 30! This sign was outside the Camp Springs fire station on Four Mile Road.

Northeast on Eight Mile Road - and what I believe is downstream on Four Mile Creek. Eight Mile Road was known as Lower Eight Mile Road until the early 2000s.

Southeast on good ol' KY 8 at Eight Mile Road.

Was I glad to see this! I was floored to find this bike path going northwest along KY 8. Unfortunately the whole thing lasted only another 250 feet or so.

North on Lincoln Avenue in Melbourne!

Still in Melbourne, Lincoln Avenue becomes narrower!

How often do you see a one-lane bridge like this right in town? This is east on Latonia Avenue in Melbourne.

In or near Silver Grove, this is northwest on KY 8 approaching KY 1998 (Industrial Road).

From KY 8, this is a view of the Combs-Hehl Bridge, which was built in 1979 and carries I-275 across the Ohio River. At the bottom of the photo, you can barely see a metal bar that's part of the rail line along KY 8.

Near the village of Brent, there used to be a ferry that crossed the river to near the Coney Island park on the edge of Cincinnati. I'm not sure if the place on this photo where a road appears to be going into the river is where the ferry emerged in Ohio, but it probably is. The ferry closed in the 1970s or so.

This abandoned road off KY 8 goes under the rail line and served as the approach to the ferry.

Aw, how cute! It's a faded 1970s-era TANK bus stop sign! Reminds you of the days when a bus actually went out here, doesn't it? This is on KY 8 near Winters Lane. Now that bus route doesn't go past Fort Thomas's finer neighborhoods.

Northwest on KY 8 in Fort Thomas, just past KY 445. This too was a miserable road for biking - despite being signed for bikes. This wide shoulder ends just ahead. The pavement is every bit as bad as the sign suggests and then some. So again I had to walk most of the way.

Incredibly, I made it home in one piece from here.

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