Aug. 5 Aug. 6 2013

Six years after I introduced my monthly Scholaring promise, I hadn't broken it, and the road photos still stacked up like beer cans...

8/5 - This was the same day I started my Occupy county collecting project, and this item from downtown Cincinnati represents the "and more" in this page. This is north on Main at 2nd. More specifically, this is the end of the stretch of Main that was renamed Joe Nuxhall Way. Note that there's a US 50 cutout - but it's a newer one designed for BGS's, not an old 1940s cutout.

8/6 - The part of Bellevue the Peace Bike never gets to visit. This is the 400 block of O'Fallon Avenue. It looks somewhat remote compared to the rest of Bellevue. And it's steep. Very steep. It almost completely depleted my energy for the rest of the day. And check out the leaning utility poles!

Don't be fooled by the apparent plateau. O'Fallon will soon turn left and become Grandview Avenue and start climbing again. I couldn't make it. I had to go back down.

Even America's tightly packed cities get to meet deer these days. I saw this marvelous deer at Swope Park in Bellevue.

Highland Heights has a new roundabout! Here we're going west on Martha Layne Collins Boulevard (KY 2345), as the traffic circle also features a new stretch of University Drive, a rebuilt Johns Hill Road, and Knollwood Drive.

This is a stub of Johns Hill Road that was cut off and made into a dead end when the roundabout was built. Notice that the former KY 1998 was split down the centerline. University Drive runs horizontally across the photo, but you can't see the road itself. Behind that, old Johns Hill Road resumes at the orange barrels.

Another view of old Johns Hill Road that was split down the middle and truncated.

The roundabout. A rebuilt Johns Hill Road is straight ahead.

Woo-hoo! Highland Heights gets its first bike lane! This is the new Johns Hill Road. Quite a switch from the days when my school bus lurched along the narrow, winding road aimlessly in the morning twilight as schoolmates chewed bubble gum.

Northeast on the Highland Avenue bridge over I-471 in Fort Thomas, built in the late 1970s. This is a view of the very first Tea Party rally ever in Campbell County. If you use a microscope, you might be able to see it. I counted only 3 people at this sore loser tantrum.

Southeast off Highland next to the library (which the Tea Party sued). This is just some private road that goes to some buildings behind the libe. But I couldn't resist getting this photo because it has one of those really old (possibly 1950s) speed limit signs with the gaping numerals.

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