Feb. 25 2008

This part begins with us still in Mount Adams! Pavilion Street becomes Carney Street as it bips around a bend and offers us this view - which is of what is almost a marchland between Newport and Bellevue. The road straight ahead is Riviera Drive. I-471 is on the right.

Panning to the left from the same spot, this is looking out over Bellevue and Dayton, KY.

I backtracked a little to get what may be the best photo in this batch. (Note the path forged by the Peace Bike on the sidewalk.) This is Pavilion Street, which looks like it's about to drop off the edge of the planet. The horizon would have to be around Bellevue, Dayton, or even Fort Thomas.

On the way back down from Mount Adams, this is southwest on Wareham Drive, going under the Ida Street viaduct. Wareham was once part of Court Street, believe it or not.

Near the bottom of Wareham Drive, the road is flanked by this nifty wall that has some sort of vegetation growing on it.

From Van Meter Street, this is looking ahead on Court Street into downtown. I-71 is in the foreground. The building ahead is not a casino, for that is just an ad.

This is a footbridge that runs from Van Meter Street, over I-71 (and the ramps that form I-471) and Gilbert Avenue, and down to Court Street.

LEFT TURN WITH CARE. Care, my little woocap, care. From the footbridge, this is looking northeast on Gilbert (which carries US 22 and OH 3). Up ahead you see the ramps between Liberty Street and I-471 soaring overhead.

This is looking southwest on the Gilbert Avenue Viaduct from the footbridge. Looks mighty important! This 1970s-era viaduct replaced a 1915 span.

West on 9th. This street actually goes under part of the Cincinnati Public Library up ahead. This is the libe where I got hassled by the guard during George W.'s peak years. Astute Roads Scholars will notice that, although this is OH 3, the sign calls this US 3. As Men At Work might say, "It's a mistake..."

Continuing on 9th where it goes over I-75. The BGS shows that this magically becomes 8th Street - a harbinger of what loomed in the next Roads Scholaring event. I would've continued with this, but because it kept getting colder, I soon turned around and started heading home.

On Linn Street, looking west on 5th. This is one of several forgotten blocks of 5th in the area. It goes under an elevated rail line that parallels Linn. In the background you see the asymmetrical rail bridge over Mehring Way. As late as the 1980s, the USGS map showed 5th was not a dead end but went over a rail line and continued.

Looking west on 3rd. Linn branches off to the right. Straight ahead, under the rail viaduct, is the ruins of 3rd that extends towards Baymiller Street.

Another one from the "It's a mistake..." files. This is east on 3rd at the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. Roads Scholars may detect that an OH 127 marker is erroneously used for US 127. Also, the bridge ain't I-75 or 71. (It's not even a freeway.)

Ohio's for you...you you you! Kablammo! Remember that commersh? This is from 3rd, looking up at northbound I-75 just past the I-71 split.

"Drought" continues. This is along Mehring Way near where it goes under the Taylor-Southgate Bridge.

Finally, we're on KY 8 in the marchland, so to speak, between Newport and Bellevue. This is looking at Mount Adams, where we were earlier.

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