CINCINNATI - central
Jan. 26 2014

Despite the season's downright deadly weather, I continued my unbroken 6-year-long string of going Roads Scholaring at least once each month. Although the Peace Bike was not necessary to fulfill this quota, the hulking velocipede was pressed into service to brave the snow and cold...

In the immortal words of Night Ranger, "Sentinel Street in the avenues...Take a good hard look, there ain't nothin' ever new..." There's something here that's not new, but I never noticed it before. Straight ahead is a detached stub of 6th Street. The thing I never noticed earlier is that the sidewalk for it actually continues all the way up to 6th & Broadway - where the viaduct overhead ends.

West on an old part of 6th that now runs directly under the viaduct.

From the sidewalk along old 6th, this is north on Trout Alley. The alley is now encrusted in a parking lot, but it too can be useful.

North on Broadway.

On TV they say "nyoo", but I say "noo." This is east on New Street. Right behind the lamppost on the right is where Trout Alley emerges. The bridge that runs across the totality of this photo is I-71. The curvy viaduct on the right is the one that runs from Columbia Parkway into 6th.

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