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July 15 2015

The Media loves to exploit urban street crime, and the press had begun doubling down again. So the Peace Bike and I wanted to prove how safe Over-the-Rhine and West End really are from street crime. This part of town was certainly safe during this outing.

From Sycamore Street, this is west on Michael Bany Way. The roadway was known as Jail Alley before being renamed for a slain musician in 2009.

South on Republic Street from 14th. Not Republican Street, thankfully, but Republic Street. The large board at left is crudely painted with "ROAD CLOSED" in orange paint, but it's hard to read. I wanted to get a picture of the building at 1321 Republic before it was demolished, but I was too late, for it was being demolished in this photo. A Channel 9 story in 2013 said 3CDC let that building decay until it became unsafe - which is a crime defined as demolition by neglect under a city ordinance. 3CDC then promised to restore the building - but did not.

North on Main approaching Schiller Street.

Continuing on Main. Notice that up ahead - at Mulberry Street - Main becomes just a set of steps going up the hill. The steps go steeply uphill for 4 blocks, crossing several small streets along the way.

Northwest on Peete Street from Main.

East on Mulberry Street from Main. I remember a Dr. Seuss book called And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, which was one of few children's books to use the word aldermen.

"Butbutbutbut nothing's safer than Bro55art lololol!" In this video - which also shows Over-the-Rhine's safety - we start on Antique Street, which runs southwest from Mulberry & Main. We end up on some alleys - the people's roads! - like Hust Alley and then Sharp Alley, and finally on McMicken Avenue.

Northwest on McMicken at Frintz.

North on Goose Alley from 15th. Sadly, 3CDC had ruined other alleys in the neighborhood by placing impenetrable gates in front of them. If anyone was turning the city into a jail, it's 3CDC.

North on Pink Alley from Findlay Street in West End. Bubble gum is usually pink.

Continuing on Pink Alley. Like I've said, alleys are the people's roads. Might as well just call it People Alley!

East on Charlotte Street from Pink.

Continuing on Charlotte. Then I had to go home.

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