Mar. 27-28 2010

This all-video set surrounded a little bonfire I attended in central Kentucky. But since this is a roads page, not a bonfire page, these videos feature nothing but roads. Nothing but 'em!

Southbound I-75 south of Williamstown. The speed limit dropped to 55 MPH for miles because it was labeled as a construction zone - even though there was no road work whatsoever. So we experimented by seeing how many other motorists could pass us if we did the speed limit. (This video was heavily edited from the original.)

This night clip of KY 749 in Anderson County explains how the Eyewitness Cam works. We're going west, and this portion of KY 749 has no center stripe.

I post-narrated this clip continuing west on KY 749. Then we go northeast on US 62 towards Lawrenceburg.

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