CHICAGO roadmeet
June 24-27 2022

Aldis Avenue feeds into the parking garage at the casino in East Chicago. We went in the casino to use the restroom, as guests of the casino were oohing and aahing as the money jangled.

Now we're going back over that big setup over IN 912 and the Block Avenue ramp.

A view of IN 912 from the overpass.

Regent Street under IN 912. It's also important to note that IN 912 existed along surface streets before the freeway was built. The north-south freeway was built along a surface stretch of Cline Avenue marking the line between East Chicago and Gary. The surface street still exists as frontage.

Southwest on Michigan Avenue at Dickey Road. Michigan Avenue used to pick up IN 912 from Dickey Road here, according to an old USGS map.

Northwest on Dickey (the old IN 912). We go under IN 912.

Continuing on Dickey.

Southwest on Riley in East Chicago under some structure for some mill.

Northeast on Grove in Marktown, a historic East Chicago neighborhood surrounded entirely by industrial areas. Marktown started as a company town built in 1917. Its design was considered unique in that the streets were supposed to serve as walkways and cars were supposed to park on the sidewalks. All of Marktown's original homes still stood in 2011. However, BP later buyed many of the houses and tore them down - even though the neighborhood was on the National Register of Historic Places.

Riley has this ramp at right to IN 912 west. The interchange had no other ramps remaining. IN 912 looms overhead.

The remnants of an old ramp from IN 912 west to Riley.

Northeast on Riley at the abandoned ramp.

Looking up the ramp to IN 912 west.

Southwest on Riley at IN 912.

A view of IN 912 from the industrial driveway southwest of the abandoned ramp.

Southeast on Dickey.

From the bridge over the Indiana Harbor Canal on Dickey Road, this is looking towards the IN 912 bridge.

Wow, we did all sorts of nifty poo regarding IN 912, the Cline Avenue freeway! This is on Dickey as we go back under IN 912.

Under IN 912 from Dickey Road.

Northeast on Michigan.

South on IN 912.

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be a big route marker like Mommy!"

East on 15th Avenue in Gary.

East on US 12/20 (5th Avenue) in Gary.

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