CHICAGO roadmeet
June 24-27 2022

South on Chase Street in Gary, Ind.

Continuing east on US 12/20 (5th Avenue).

This has to be after the one-way split that graces US 12/20.

The Indiana Toll Road sign exhibits button copy - and therefore might be old. Downtown Gary looms ahead.

North on Buchanan at 4th. Buchanan is one of a series of streets named for Presidents. Lincoln was only one block away from getting this more prominent street!

An abandoned ramp for I-90.

Buchanan goes under I-90 and some rail bridges behind that.

I think this is one of the roadmeet's greatest prizes. As we go under the rail bridges, there's a very, very old arrow sign at upper right. Until I got home and sorted the photos, I was worried that I didn't get this.

It appears as if there are 5 rail bridges over Buchanan in a very short stretch. This is a view of Buchanan from a side road for some industries - with a very old MERGING TRAFFIC sign.

Probably back south on Buchanan.

Buchanan back under I-90. I think it was somewhere around here where I found all those corroded pennies on the ground.

Looking onto the ramp to I-90.

Looking up the now-abandoned ramp that was shown a few photos up.

Looking back at one of the rail bridges over Buchanan.

Peeping down the abandoned ramp. The ramp actually split, with one part going over the Grand Calumet River from Buchanan, and another part going from I-90 down to Buchanan.

The remains of the ramp trail off.

The surviving ramp from Buchanan to I-90. Strangely, the control point for I-90 east is Ohio - but not a specific city.

US 41 (Calumet Avenue) uses this viaduct over the railroad in Hammond.

US 41 again. The bridge is for a trail that traverses Hammond.

The bridge first appeared in 2019.

West on 165th. The bridge is for another trail and dates from the mid-2010s. Street numbers in Hammond are based on Chicago's numbering system, but address numbers in Hammond do not match the street numbers, as they start at Lake Michigan. In fact, at this point, street numbers don't even line up perfectly with Illinois.

North on State Line Road. Hammond is on the right; Calumet City, Ill., is on the left. Interesting, huh? By crossing the centerline, you can bubble in two states at once!

State Line Road again.

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