A great shot of Cincinnati, the first in a series of photos I took on numerous work assignments around town that year. This is from the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, overlooking the Bungles practice field. The viaduct in the foreground carries the new 2nd Street. I know you're thinking I only took this pic so I'd have an excuse to say "viaduct", but a viaduct is what that is.

This set of rail tracks runs north-south through Covington, and here we're facing south from one of the dwindling number of useful road bridges that spans the tracks.

The Cincinnati skyline seen from Edgecliff Road in Covington. The fence separates this street from I-75.

KY 16 as it runs from Taylor Mill into Latonia. The area on the left includes the Value City where I once knocked ceiling panels loose by bouncing a ball into the air inside the store.

This is thought to be in the bosom of suburbia, in Taylor Mill or South Covington overlooking Grand Avenue. Assuming that's where this is, the thick horizontal line in the distance would likely be the rock cut for KY 9 way over on the opposite side of the Licking River. A building on the hill behind that would thus be part of NKU or something nearby.

This appears to be just to the right of the previous pic.

The Ludlow side of that rail bridge that keeps cropping up in my photos. This photo has that Cincinnati gloom and doom look to it, typifying the area's usually cloudy sky.

Cincinnati, possibly from the now-gated road ascending the hill from the Ludlow approach to the rail bridge.

This is thought to be at the end of the Longmeadow subdivision that extends from Fort Mitchell into Fort Wright, back before the subdivision was fully developed. Thus the freeway we're overlooking would likely be I-275 east of KY 17.

Astute Roads Scholars in the Cincinnati region will immediately detect a fatal flaw in the signage depicted above: A US 3 sign is used when an OH 3 sign should be used. This is on Central Avenue. In addition to being US 22/OH 3, this road carries a host of other U.S. routes. We deduce that in the background is the intersection with 6th Street, where the barely visible overhead signs point motorists to the left for US 50 and I-75.

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