Just when I thought I'd never find more old Roads Scholar photos, I found 5 more! The first 4 of these shots are likely from assignments I had to do for work, though I have no recollection of taking these pictures. And these aren't all roads - these are cityscapes too.

We're right on the edge of the plateau somewhere around Mount Auburn or Clifton Heights. This point gives us a good bird's eye view of Over The Rhine, stretching into West End and beyond. Note Union Terminal and the Ludlow rail bridge.

We're standing on 3rd Street in Cincinnati, looking towards the skyline of Covington.

I probably took this photo from the Matson Place overlook, though it could have been from Mount Echo Park.

This scene is a little bit to the right of the previous shot. Now you can clearly see the 6th Street freeway and the Ludlow rail bridge.

What's this supposed to be? To you it probably looks like a grainy, dark photo of the Scripps Center with a big cloud in front of it. Actually it's the demolition of Riverfront Stadium, as seen from the foot of Garrard Street in Covington. It was early in the morning, and it was bitter cold. There's folks all around, watching the destroyment of the still-usable sports venue, as it disappears in a cloud of dust.

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