Apr.-June 2004

These 6 pics are from 2 separate Roads Scholaring outings in my area.

Wow, a clear sky! A rarity for Cincinnati! This is an uncommon view of the city from the Western Hills Viaduct. I took this photo during my disappointing search for more secret bridges. At right you can see how high Mill Creek is because of all the rain in previous weeks.

Oops, I'm sorry, we were in a drought because we had one sunny day. They said so on the news, so it's just gotta be true! Pardon me for living!

You'll notice the sun ruins some of my photos by adding a blue hue. Anyway this is KY 3076 in Erlanger when it was brand spankin' new. Look what this road has: a shouldie! A nice wide one! For those of my humble means who must ride a bike because they can't afford a motorized vehicle, a wide shoulder is a rare and welcome break from having to constantly dodge motorists who drive like maniacs. KY 3076 runs off Erlanger-Crescent Springs Road, and this photo faces southwest near the road's east end. The new road parallels I-75, the ramp to I-275, and I-275 itself. In the background you see semis and cars on I-75 approaching the ramp.

According to the official log, KY 3076 continues here on the preexisting Dolwick Drive. This ain't KY 1017 now. We've just passed KY 1017, which runs south to Florence as Turfway Road.

Continuing west on KY 3076, this is still the preexisting Dolwick Drive, which narrows frustratingly. We're getting dangerously close to the famed Mineola Stink - an intolerable chemical stench blamed on a nearby sewage treatment plant. KY 3076 continues from here and then uses Mineola Pike to KY 236. On the left we see I-275, which runs immediately parallel to KY 3076 here.

This photo sums up the increasingly poor maintenance of Kentucky highways. This is the junction of US 25 & KY 236 in Erlanger. Any junction where the painted centerline continues through the intersection is usually a disaster, because it's usually a spot where drivers plow on through without regard for pedestrians or other vehicles. If you look closely you can see a sign in the background directing motorists to go right to get to I-75.

It's 2 PM, which ain't even rush hour, and the traffic crawls along Northern Kentucky's crumbling roads. This is facing northeast on I-75 in Fort Mitchell, as seen from Dixie Highway (US 25). They had rebuilt this interchange in the '90s because they had some of our tax dollars to spend, and they demolished a neighborhood in the process. A lot of good that did, huh?

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