July 9 2009

Did you really think we were done with the Waldvogel Viaduct? Here, the 'duct splits into these ramps. The signs for Elberon Avenue and Warsaw Avenue could be from the 1950s, but they were still in decent shape.

Northwest on Warsaw Avenue as it ascends Price Hill.

Descending Price Hill on the northernmost stretch of Maryland Avenue.

Continuing on Maryland Avenue, approaching Mount Hope Avenue.

Back on Warsaw, going downhill. This is about at Parkson Place.

Go to the end of the stretch of Maryland Avenue that runs north off Elberon, and look to your right. This is what you see. I think this rock wall was part of the long-defunct Price Hill Incline. A much grander wall sits across the street, but I believe I photographed it during an earlier outing.

Lower Price Hill is the neighborhood that keeps on giving! This is looking south on Neave Street towards US 50.

If I didn't have a pic of this already, then I'll just bip. This is on English Street as it merges into US 50 under the Waldvogel Viaduct. Even though Cincinnati had a large German-American population, English Street had been renamed from German Street during World War I because of anti-German feeling.

This has to be southwest on Elberon Avenue approaching the curve just before Mount Hope Avenue.

Elberon runs along the bottom of Price Hill and then north up the hill. This is approaching Phillips Avenue.

West in the 3100 block of River Road (US 50).

Well away from downtown, in the Sayler Park neighborhood, fans of antique traffic features might enjoy this. This is a very old rail crossing sign. The letters may be embossed, but it's hard to tell. This is southwest off US 50, opposite where Ivanhoe Avenue nearly intersects.

Road closed. But if you do use our closed road, be sure you can clear the tracks! This is southwest off US 50, probably across from where Elco Street almost intersects. Actually, there's no road where these signs are at all! Apparently there used to be, but where could it go?

Northwest on US 50 in North Bend. US 50 is almost a freeway here. This is where we go under the Brower Road overpass.

On US 50, going west at the Great Miami River bridge near Cleves, just before the beginning of OH 128. US 50 west uses this bridge with the framework; US 50 east uses a framework-free span to the left of it. To the left of US 50 is a rail span with a rusty framework.

Now we're really getting somewhere! This is north on Kilby Road in an unincorporated area.

Kilby Road going under I-275!

Button copy strikes again! This is northeast on I-275, approaching I-74. For its part, US 52 uses I-74.

I-275 merges with I-74 for several miles. This is east on I-74/275 at the OH 128 exit.

Now we're approaching where I-74 and I-275 split again.

This BGS showcases the dubious practice of slapping a smaller I-275 shield over a larger one.

"Well..." Yes, this is the Ronald Reagan Highway - renamed from the Cross County Highway by Hamilton County's Republican machine. I guess naming the road for Reagan was suitable since it was so over budget. This is eastbound at the exit to Blue Rock Road, before the Reagan Highway picks up OH 126. It appears as if the "Reagan" portion of the sign was patched over a previous name.

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