July 9 2009

Did you really, really think we were done with ol' Rappin' Ronnie? Here we're continuing east on the Ronald Reagan Highway. As the Cross County Highway, a small part of this freeway opened way back in 1958, but the project wasn't completed until 1997. Here we're eastbound approaching the exit to my beloved Big Two-Seven. That's where the Reagan Highway picks up OH 126 (which used to use surface roads to the north).

To see 1 as a BGS mileage is uncommon. Also, the "Reagan" portion of the BGS on the left again appears to have been patched over something else.

Continuing on the Reagan, you can see that the ramp to Winton Road is rather tight.

Approaching the exit to I-75, this BGS features an interesting diagram. More strikingly, notice at left that the ramp from northbound I-75 makes a left merge onto the westbound Reagan.

Now we're in Reading, going south on US 42 (Reading Road) at Columbia Avenue.

Continuing on US 42 and reentering Cincinnati. Here we enter the city's Roselawn neighborhood. The city limit sign (behind the bus stop sign) is showing its age like so many other traffic devices on this outing.

Back on the Ronald Reagan Highway! This time we're going west, earning us another BGS with a schnazzy diagram.

South on I-75 approaching the OH 562 exit, this electronic sign warned us of the freeway's closure up ahead (though the sign is barely readable).

This ramp off I-75 helps form OH 562 - the Norwood Lateral, a freeway across Norwood. This portion of OH 562 opened in 1958 (along with nearby segments of I-75), but the freeway wasn't finished until the 1970s.

A ruined BGS was discarded between the ramps to OH 562. It seems to refer to Davis Street and Koehler Avenue, which have an exit off northbound I-75, 5 miles north of here (in the the Lockland split).

South on Paddock Road (OH 4), approaching the rail overpass.

Who knows where this is? I bet I know. It's on Bip Road. Just joking! This looks like it could be on Clifton Avenue, but you can never be too sure.

US 127 coming north off the Ludlow Viaduct. Here, Ludlow Avenue becomes Hamilton Avenue as it crosses Spring Grove Avenue.

Getting onto Martin Luther King Drive from Central Parkway. (This stretch had been renamed from Dixmyth Avenue in the late 1980s.)

A little further east on Martin Luther King Drive.

North on Whitfield Avenue, approaching Lowell Avenue.

Southeast on Central Parkway, going under the Brighton Bridge. The Brighton Bridge is a roadway that connects a disconnected portion of Colerain Avenue with McMicken Avenue. Indeed, you can see Colerain paralleling Central Parkway on the right.

Looking north, the road on the right is the Brighton Bridge. On the left is a segment of Colerain, which reaches a rather quiet dead end just ahead, as it is cut off by a ramp between I-75 and the Western Hills Viaduct.

This is very plainly on the Brighton Bridge.

North on McMicken Avenue, approaching McMillan Street.

Probably southwest on McMillan, going back to Central Parkway. At this intersection, McMillan becomes the Western Hills Viaduct. I-75 is visible in the background.

Continuing southeast on Central Parkway, this is southeast of Linn Street.

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