July 9 2009

How could you dare to even think we were done with KY 154? From US 27 near Grants Lick, this is looking southeast. KY 154 (Peach Grove Road) goes off to the left, but the road you see straight ahead is Nagel Road. I'm pretty sure Nagel is an old stretch of US 27.

Aw, how cute! It's an old TANK sign with the 1970s logo! Off the east side of US 27, just north of KY 154, is this faded sign - probably for a park-and-ride for TANK, Northern Kentucky's bus system. I'd be surprised if TANK still goes anywhere near here, but I have no way of knowing, because TANK's website doesn't work. As a bonus, you can see the old logo for Metro - Cincinnati's bus system - poking through the TANK logo!

This is north on US 27 betwixt KY 154 and KY 824. This is likely to be decimated by the upcoming widening of US 27 to 4 lanes.

Another endangered US 27 scene.

We're about at the junction with KY 824, where US 27 became a divided highway. I have no idea why there's 2 water towers. These towers look like rival clans battling over territory.

The greatest surprise of the entire outing! We're going north where the southernmost stretch of Licking Pike once was. This was KY 9 before the mid-1990s, and was probably once part of US 27. It was abandoned not long before this photo was taken.

Continuing on the abandoned Licking Pike!

North on Licking Pike (the former KY 9) just north of the abandoned portion.

A great view as we continue on Licking Pike! This was very possibly once part of US 27.

Licking Pike makes this hard left, probably just south of Claryville. (And trust me, the politics out here ain't exactly hard left.)

By this time, Licking Pike has picked up KY 915. This is at the junction with KY 536, also known as Creektrace Road - the former KY 1936 or Pond Creek Road. That road was extended to the right of here in the 1990s. It is not US 27, despite what the sign implies.

Continuing on Licking Pike, just before Coldstream Road. By this point, Licking Pike certainly never was part of US 27.

Looking up Coldstream Road from Licking Pike. Despite some speculation, Coldstream probably never was part of Licking Pike.

Northeast on Pooles Creek Road in Cold Spring - which became part of KY 1998 in 1999. This used to be called Pooles Creek Road #1 - to distinguish it from what is now Dry Creek Road.

Northeast on Industrial Road (the former Duck Creek Road) in Cold Spring. This road opened around 1968, though part of it was upgraded from an existing road. It has been KY 1998 since at least the 1970s.

So glad to finally get this one, because I know it's on borrowed time! I speak of that embossed SLOW sign. This is in Newport, on one of the entrances to Newport Shopping Center off US 27. That sign may be from the 1950s when the shopping center opened. I think SLOW signs have become rare because they usually don't say how slow - or why.

Southeast on Grand Avenue (KY 1892), another water main break (probably caused by the summer's heavy rains) covered the roadway. This is leaving Newport and entering Fort Thomas, near what was then St. Luke Hospital East.

Southwest on 10th Street in Newport, at Columbia Street.

Look at the logs! This footbridge over a rail line runs south off 12th & York in Newport. I've covered this span before, but little attention had been paid to its wooden construction.

After the car portion of this outing, the Peace Bike was pressed into service. The Peace Bike held the Eyewitness Cam to take this photo on York Street. Here, York carries US 27 southbound. This photo is looking up York towards 5th.

Peace Bike meets Peace Bell. Near the Peace Bell, along York Street, is this irritating sign. My countersurveillance makes me even with this sign. So all is well in the world of Roads Scholaring!

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