Oct. 12 2013

Southeast on Mitchell Avenue at I-75.

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Northwest in Vine Street Hill Cemetery. The speed limit sign is ancient.

North in the cemetery, this is another speed limit sign like the previous one. How old is this sign? For starts, it's embossed. For another, this is the standard speed limit sign in the 1948 MUTCD. The 1961 MUTCD has the newer variety, so the sign is likely older than 1961.

A view from Vine Street Hill Cemetery. You can see the ramp from Mitchell to I-75 north.

From the cemetery, a view of I-75 at Mitchell. Apparently there was some construction going on, but it wasn't that spectacular from here.

North on I-75, we go under a rail overpass just past the Norwood Lateral.

The ramp from I-75 north to Davis Street in Lockland. This is in the midst of the famous Lockland split on I-75.

Dunn Street in Lockland.

North on West Forrer Street in Lockland. Lockland High School is on the left.

South on West Forrer.

A view of southbound I-75 from West Forrer. The street on the other side of the freeway trench is East Forrer.

Another view of southbound I-75 with East Forrer on the other side.

The ramp from Cooper Avenue to I-75 south. The ramp makes almost a 90-degree angle up ahead at I-75. This is a very tight exit that dates from the World War II era, when a 2-way freeway was squeezed into the trench that is now southbound only. This exit was supposed to be removed around 2010, but it was still standing in 2013! The freeway was built in the path of an earlier canal.

Southbound I-75 in the celebrated trench.

I-75 leaves the Lockland split.

OH 562 is the Norwood Lateral freeway, completed in the early 1970s, though this western segment between I-75 and OH 4 opened in 1958. This is going east, just after exiting I-75. US 25 once used this stretch. OH 562 previously ran along Sherman Avenue in Norwood.

OH 562 nears its end. The ramp at right is to I-71 north. Straight ahead, OH 562 goes to Ridge Avenue and other goodies. The graffiti says, "COLIN POWELL = VANILLA ICE." Real futuristic!

OH 562 ends at Ridge Avenue. The ramp at left is the one from Alamo Avenue that forms OH 562 west.

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A view of the Kennedy Avenue extension that was under construction. A rail tunnel goes under the new road.

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