May 30 2020

If you want something tried and true, it doesn't get better than this. This is west on the 8th Street Viaduct - one of my standbys from years earlier. But this perspective is pretty fresh, as we're right under one of the rail bridges above.

Looking north from the 8th Street Viaduct, the road running horizontally across the bottom is ground-level 8th. The road ahead is Dance Court. When I used to bike down here, I would get to this intersection, point up at the sign, and do a little dance for other travelers. It's not called Bubble Court, so I didn't get to bubble.

This plaque adorned one of the walls of the viaduct.

West across the viaduct. This view is diff because most of my past visits were by bike, not car.

West on Aaron Raines Lane under the 8th Street Viaduct.

Right here, Aaron Raines Lane turns left and ramps up to Burns Street.

Heading back east on Aaron Raines Lane. The wall at left separates this side from the westbound side. Notice that someone discarded a mattress in the road. (I saw a toilet back here once around 2008.)

This video whisks us east across the lower deck of the Western Hills Viaduct - which is slated for replacement! This used to be part of OH 4W.

The lower deck ends at Spring Grove Avenue.

East on Dreman at Dirr. This had been closed for several years, but there used to be a path to Spring Grove Avenue where Dreman curved onto an Interstate ramp.

Northeast on William P. Dooley Bypass.

East on OH 562 - a freeway called the Norwood Lateral.

Now we're in Norwood, going east on Norwood Avenue at Forest.

West on Harris at Forest. This closure was fairly recent.

This road runs southwest off Harris & Duck Creek. Despite what Google Maps labels it as, this is not Duck Creek Road.

I got some photos in this area when I scouted it out months before the meet, but I'm pretty sure this is continuing on foot on Duck Creek Road south of the old rail bridge. It's surprising that USGS maps showed Duck Creek as a medium duty road as late as 1971. However, before then, Duck Creek Road may have actually branched slightly to the left here.

A broken stop sign buried in the leaves. My best guess is that this sign was at the site in the previous photo.

We think this is looking east from Duck Creek Road, but the mystery is this old sign. A 2011 Google Street View photo doesn't seem to show this sign, but it's clearly much older than 2011. This isn't the only instance of old signs being reposted along this stretch, as if they're using this area as a sign graveyard.

A view of I-71 from Duck Creek Road. The billboard praised Mike DeWine and Amy Acton as they carried out Ohio's botched COVID-19 response. That was before Acton appeared in a TV special with Sesame Street Muppets.

West on Harris.

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