Sep. 2006

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor...Would you be mine...Could you be mine...Anyhow I went on yet another Roads Scholaring jaunt to Cincinnati on the ol' bikey. This time I generally followed the Ohio River downtown, crossed the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge, and went along the river in Covington and Ludlow, KY. Wow, I'm international!

Where I left off the previous week. This is the abandoned approach to the L&N Bridge from Butler Street in Cincinnati that I was talking about. When this photo was taken, the approach dropped off a small ledge just beyond the barriers straight ahead, but it used to continue as an overpass above Pete Rose Way towards the bridge. The abandoned loop ramp from Pete Rose Way emerges from the right. I biked down the abandoned ramp back to Pete Rose Way.

I couldn't get the proper lighting for this photo. This is facing south in the 100 block of Broadway. Above us is a decking that links the Coliseum and the new Reds stadium. We're in the median of Broadway, and the gate straight ahead blocks an unusual ramp that forms in the median. The ramp goes down to the Public Landing along the river, but almost every time I've seen it in recent years it's been closed because of flooding. (Some "drought.")

Here we're on Mehring Way looking down at the ramp from the median of Broadway to the Public Landing.

West on 3rd Street from the junction with the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. The Brent Spence Bridge is overhead. We're looking towards the eerie Baymiller Street ruins I visited in earlier outings.

On the Clay Wade Bailey. The red light you see hanging over the roadway is part of the unusual set of red X's and green arrows above the lanes. Note also that the Clay Wade Bailey has an accompanying rail bridge at right. The rail span carries the line that runs north-south through Covington.

An interesting view from along the Clay Wade Bailey. We're looking west on Mehring Way. The double-storied bridge you see is I-75's Brent Spence.

This, my friends, is Covington. We're on the Clay Wade Bailey facing east and looking down at 3rd Street. (Third Street in Covington is not the same street as that with the same name in Cincinnati.)

I think this is one of the best photos in this 3-part batch. We're coming off the Clay Wade Bailey in Covington. The bridge feeds directly into Main Street straight ahead. The rail bridge that runs along the Clay Wade Bailey feeds into that long overpass you see overhead.

This is west on KY 8 in a hilly section of town called West Covington. KY 8 here uses Highway Avenue and runs along the river. On the horizon, the Matson Place high rise pops into view.

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