Sep. 2006

The second part of this set picks up on KY 8 in West Covington. Here we're facing east on that route. The bridge you see is the Brent Spence.

I always thunk this weird. As KY 8 sweeps an arc that runs south of a residential area along the river, it goes under Parkway Street. Here we're on KY 8, looking east at the Parkway Street bridge.

Crossing the border between Covington and Ludlow is River Road. As you might expect, it runs right along the river. As you might not expect, it's very secluded in appearance. Because it's so isolated despite being in an urban area, I can only conclude that this road is endangered. This is looking east on River Road. This is not a state route, but KY 8 from Constance to Covington was once part of KY 20, and it's possible KY 20 once used this road - but I consider it pretty unlikely, because this road has been a dead end throughout recent history.

Facing west on the secluded River Road. You can see part of the framework of the Ludlow rail bridge up ahead.

Whaddya know! It's the riv! This is from the bottom of Locust Street in Ludlow, looking at the Ohio River and the mouth of Mill Creek on the west side of Cincinnati. I don't think you can see the secret bridge though. You can see the Waldvogel Viaduct, plus another bridge that appears to be right under it. I think the bridge on the bottom is a tiny rail span that is actually just south of the viaduct. You can also see the side of Union Terminal at right.

I think this is from about the same spot as the previous pic. I've panned to the left a bit to show the Waldvogel Viaduct continuing to the west. The high rise on the hill near 8th & Matson is now clearly visible.

Even more obscure than River Road pictured earlier is tiny Ohio Avenue in Ludlow, which runs along the river for one block.

Looking northeast on KY 8 in Ludlow towards Deverill Street.

Going southwest on KY 8 from Ludlow into Bromley. The road goes over Pleasant Run Creek here somehow, about where the curve is. (It appears that the creek is piped under the road.) I always thought Bromley was an interesting name for a town. The name always evoked an image of a gas station sign comprised of the severed head of a gentleman wearing local TV legend Uncle Al's flat hat.

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