Sep. 2006

We left off entering Bromley from Ludlow, and here we're reentering Ludlow from Bromley. This is Oak Street where it goes over Pleasant Run Creek.

Looking upstream on Pleasant Run Creek from Oak Street. The creek flows from around Fort Mitchell to the Ohio River near here.

Facing downstream on that same creek from Oak. This is the side of the bridge where someone spraypainted "BEER" everywhere.

At the ballfield where somebody threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet bowl in the portable restroom, we're looking south out of Ludlow. The road is KY 1072, which uses Deverill Street in Ludlow and becomes Sleepy Hollow Road near here. The route goes to Fort Wright. There's a wafer-sharp line between urban and rural at this spot, with no suburban sprawl to muck it up for a mile. The same rail line that feeds into the bridge that runs between Ludlow and Cincinnati also runs on the bridge you see over the road here. This span runs all the way to the right edge of the photo, behind the trees.

Looking northwest on Ludford Street in Ludlow from Adela Avenue. Notice the fire hydrant peeing out brown water with nobody around to supervise this wastage.

We're going back east on KY 8 through Ludlow. That bridge carries the railroad tracks that feed into the bridge to Cincinnati.

Gazing downhill on Traverse Street in Ludlow, a street that I've liked since I discovered it at work a few years earlier. This road is appealing perhaps because there's nothing on it. You can see the rail bridge that connects Ludlow with Cincinnati. That bridge emerges in the massive Queensgate rail yard behind Union Terminal.

Finally, this is the sidewalk that accompanies KY 8 under the railroad bridge pictured 2 photos up. It's unusual in that it goes through this tunnel, which is enhanced by oodles of foul-mouthed graffiti.

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