Oct. 22 2009

One day. Two big events! And this Scholaring made me right on time for both! First, I saw the reopening of the 8th Street Viaduct. Later, I tried to crash a right-wing rally in Wilder, but they never showed up. Nonetheless, I was on time for when it was scheduled. That Peace Bike must be one efficient machine to make it to 2 events across town from each other, huh?

Sines, sines, sines! To assuage the interest that other websites have had in 1970s-era signage lately, this is south on Dalton Avenue in Cincinnati, approaching 8th. Why this is Alt US 42, I don't know - as this is on the other side of town from most of US 42.

North on Evans Street, going under the newly remodeled 8th Street Viaduct. The fence on the viaduct is brand spanking new. The building at left appears to be abandoned.

West on the lower level of 8th off Evans, under the viaduct. This was rehabbed as well.

East on the ramp from 8th & Burns down to lower 8th. This too was reconstructed.

East on the 8th Street Viaduct. With my own peepers, I saw the crews remove the barricades. The span had been closed for most of the previous 18 months. It was originally built in 1929, replacing a 1910 viaduct. (The 1910 bridge lasted even shorter than Riverfront Stadium did in the modern throwaway world.)

This movie starts in the middle of the viaduct and goes east from there, thence along Dalton Avenue (running where the former Harriet and Kenyon streets were). The railing on the viaduct between the bike lane and the sidewalk is also new.

The signs are old, so they're shown here. This is east on Dalton, approaching Linn. I still don't get why this is Alt US 42.

Antique sign buffs are loving this! This is south on Linn at 6th. And why, dare I ask, does it tell folks to take Linn to go to I-75 south, when there's a ramp to the US 50 freeway right here that'll take you there much faster?

They're old. They're here. They're in your face. These markers people the intersection of Linn & Gest near 3rd.

This case of sine rot is also found at Linn & Gest. The Brent Spence Bridge is in the background.

By request - rather, by popular demand - this clip features the Roebling Suspension Bridge. We start out going east on Theodore M. Berry Way, then we take the bridge south to Covington, KY. (KY 17 uses the bridge even into Ohio.) The Covington approach sweeps us north on Scott Boulevard. Yet another repainting of the Suspension Bridge loomed for 2010, resulting in more traffic headaches.

In Covington, this is west on 4th at Russell Street. These Interstate signs aren't particularly old, but they have a sought-after feature: the state name. Also, 4th (a one-way street) carries westbound KY 8 (not I-71/75 as these signs suggest).

I discovered Zieglers Way, an alley running for blocks between 4th and 5th. I violated the LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY Allowed Cloud, as this alley makes a good alternative to the congested 4th or 5th. This is going east from Russell Street.

East at Madison on what I assume is still Zieglers Way.

Continuing east on this alley at Scott. The alley up ahead with the ONE WAY sign pointing left is Tobacco Alley.

This video continues my work on Newport's south side from earlier in the week. We start off going south on Grandview Avenue. We dip into Wilder a bit as we descend the much newer Aspen Court to KY 9.

By photographing this, I'm trying to keep the expanding surveillance state honest (if that's possible). It's called countersurveillance. This sign was seen at Fredericks Landing, a park in Wilder. It has a camera on it because it's about cameras, you see.

Before getting to the right-wing rally in time to ruin it, I had time to walk the Peace Bike all the way from Fredericks Landing. The rally was an idiotic Tea Party gimmick that was supposed to take place at each exit off I-275. Here we're going south on KY 9 towards I-275. The sign references the international airport - which was convenient for the Tea Party participants, as many of them were out-of-town professional agitators.

We're almost at the rally! This is continuing on KY 9, with I-275 just ahead. At I-275, KY 9 becomes the AA Highway. Also, notice that the yellow post at right seems to be ready for the right-wing rally, since it's wearing a pointy hood and all.

Looking down Vine Street as it parallels KY 9. There's a chance this stretch of Vine was part of KY 9 until the 1970s when I-275 was built.

The BGS on the right is utterly, completely ru. It should say NEXT RIGHT, but apparently a truck lopped off part of it - leaving an N and 2 T's dangling there like popped bubble gum.

It was shortly thereafter that I discovered that the right-wing thought guardians failed to show up for their own event.

Look at that I-275 marker standing there looking stupid. But wait! Notice something? Yes, some Roads Scholars who specialize in state-name shields will notice that this sign satisfies their interest - even though it looks like a fairly new sign. This is going back north again on KY 9.

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