Jan. 22 2009

After my attempt in late 2008 to explore US 52 east was scuttled by the Far Right, the Peace Bike and I gave it another try! This turned out to be an unexpectedly successful Roads Scholaring, as we continued to the end of Eastern Avenue.

What better way to kick off a Scholaring than with some Allowed Cloud violating? Cincinnati has a trail to nowhere: It runs northeast from downtown and immediately parallels the southeast side of the railroad along US 52. This is not the trail whose northeast end is at a circle, but it goes just as far, before being roped off. Extension to Lunken Airport has been promised for years but never materializes. In this clip, I was forced to enter the roped-off area despite being not allowed to - and made the trail to nowhere a trail to somewhere.

That somewhere is US 52 - Riverside Drive, the former Eastern Avenue, or the even earlier Front Street. Continuing along US 52, we go under the 1914 rail overpass. Unfortunately, since this clip was made, the way to US 52 from the trail has been blocked completely.

It's interesting what passes for a street sometimes. This is continuing on US 52 at Merivale Street - which is that tiny, dead-end path going uphill on the left.

Collins Avenue, where it goes under the rail line that parallels US 52.

Just after that, Collins goes under US 50 - which around here is Columbia Parkway. There were some interesting private buildings on the east side of Cincinnati, such as that old wooden house on the right.

West on Gladstone Avenue (off Collins). Here you can see that one of the tracks of the rail line bumps right up against the pavement. Just ahead is where the railroad goes over Collins. The track appears abandoned (but probably isn't).

Further up Gladstone, again showing how close the track is to the roadway.

Headed back down Collins Avenue, where it goes under the rail span.

US 52 & Torrence Road. Torrence is the small street on the left at the Y-junction.

Downhill on Torrence towards US 52.

The open portion of Torrence ends, but the road continues in abandoned form. I didn't go further, but the abandoned portion wound uphill and ended just before Columbia Parkway. (I photographed that stretch during a later outing.) It once connected with what is now Torrence Court on the other side of Columbia Parkway. (That stretch was replaced by Torrence Parkway.)

This is Gotham Place, a tiny, desperately endangered street running south off US 52 towards the river. Looking down Gotham, the smaller street off the left of it would have been part of the infamous Keck Street. In the background is the east side of Dayton, KY.

North on Gotham from Keck, looking towards US 52.

Columbia Parkway is part of US 50 and was formed from the upgrade of Columbia Avenue that was completed in 1938. It's clearly not a full freeway, but it does have some early freeway nuances. It was also once known for its green arrows and red X's that loomed above the roadway. I'm not sure whether bikes are absolutely prohibited, but I wouldn't attempt biking on this road. This is looking west from Audubon Street.

Going from US 50 to US 52 on Audubon Street, Hoff Avenue, and St. Andrews Street. And when I say it's steep, do I mean steep! I mean it like a dictionary! St. Andrews is one of few streets in the area that's almost too steep to bike downhill.

A video going up Babb Alley from St. Peters Street to Worth Street (except for the moment of confusion at Strader Avenue). This alley that immediately parallels US 52 isn't a prototypical alley. It's kind of city-like but in some ways appears rather secluded.

North off US 52 opposite Wenner Street is this 1917 pedestrian tunnel under the rail line.

The tunnel emerges at the bottom of this set of steps, which climbs up to Walworth Avenue.

South through the tunnel. This didn't scare me one bit, being Mr. Unstoppable and all.

Tunnels galore! Northeast from the junction of Congress Street and the brick-paved Stacon Street is this tunnel under the rail line. Behind that is Eastern Avenue. (Yes, that portion is still called Eastern Avenue.)

Northeast on Stanley Avenue, under the rail line and approaching Eastern. Apparently, Eastern used to lose US 52 right here and dump it onto this portion of Stanley. (Now US 52 uses Kellogg Avenue in this area.) Also note the Helvetica KEEP RIGHT sign.

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