Feb. 19 2010

The Peace Bike once again visited the Cincinnati neighborhood of East End. This Ice Bowl shows the treacherous aftermath of the Blizzard of '10. Aftermath is a cool word. You can use it in sentences like, "Aftermath, we have history." Anyway, feast your bunker on this set of 19 photos...

We kick off with our mandatory Newport photo. We're at the corner of 4th & York (the precise business center of Newport), looking southwest on 4th, which carries KY 8 west. On the right is part of the Campbell County Courthouse. In the background to the left of that, you see the Veterans Memorial Bridge - the 4th Street span to Covington. The distinctive twin steeples behind that are at Mother of God Roman Catholic Church on 6th Street in Covington.

Cincinnati's East End runs for several miles along the Ohio River - and it has oodles of streets that may be endangered. This is going towards the river on Vance Street. On the other side of the river is the Dayton, KY, floodwall.

Vance makes a right turn at the river and becomes Pipe Alley.

Pipe Alley continues but is buried under snow.

Heading back up Vance.

A slight buildup on US 52 - Riverside Drive, the former Eastern Avenue.

Bayou Street, looking up towards US 52.

Looking up Corbin Street to the Big Five-Two.

Continuing on US 52.

This has to be looking up Watson Street.

Babb Alley is becoming one of my perennial favorite Roads Scholaring sites. This is east on Babb from Watson.

The oft-ignored lower portion of Delta Avenue. On the right is a school built on stilts because it's in a floodplain.

US 52 continues here as Kellogg Avenue. The signs for US 52 and Truck US 50 are for traffic coming off Stanley Avenue - which used to carry US 52 before the stretch of Kellogg that we're on was built.

West on Babb at Strader Avenue. Woefully, woefully endangered!

Continuing on Babb at Wenner. I thought this house was kind of keen, but it was boarded up.

As the guy in the old Nature Valley commersh might say: Maaaaayapple! We're still on Babb, approaching Mayapple Street.

The final block of Babb, at Brown Street.

I had to secretly aim the Eyewitness Cam between new residences to get this - because of attempts to privatize the public rights-of-way. This photo is from US 52, looking across the river to my beloved Dayton Pike in Dayton, KY.

The exact location of this sign is unknown, but it's probably along the tangle of paths at Sawyer Point. Any sign showing a piece of poo-poo is a good candidate for me to photograph, and this is no exemption. This box dispenses a "Degradable Pick-Up Mitt" - as in Mitt Romney, I guess.

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