Apr. 10 2014

Looking across Duck Creek in Fairfax. I suspected that the path could be a former site of Red Bank Road, but now I'm thinking it could be the now-defunct Maple Street.

Continuing northwest on Red Bank. Now we're right under US 50. The rail trestle up ahead goes over Red Bank Road, Duck Creek, a rail line, and Old Red Bank Road.

Southeast along Red Bank. A rail line goes over Duck Creek, thence under US 50.

North on an old part of Red Bank Road bypassed by the newer Red Bank Expressway. Much of this area was once known as Dunbar, a hamlet settled by escaped slaves. Dunbar was slowly obliterated over the years by development. The city of Cincinnati launched a land grab against Dunbar residents that continued until 1995 when the last houses were wiped out. Part of Red Bank Road used to be called Dunbar Road until 1941.

South on the bypassed stretch of Red Bank. The heart of Dunbar would have been straight ahead.

Red Bank Expressway is not an expressway, as you can see. This is north on Red Bank Expressway at Madison Road. The clearing with the power lines straight ahead - to the left of the road - is an old path of Red Bank. That alignment follows a section line.

This I-71 marker at Madison & Red Bank is ooooold! Spanking old! It probably dates from the opening of I-71 in the 1960s or early 1970s.

I took Madison Road home, which was a pain in the bunker. This is southwest near Oaklawn Drive.

Something I've never seen before: a floodgate crossing using a crossbuck sign.

Same street, same clearance numbers, different overpass. Right here, Madison goes under a footbridge, a rail line, and another footbridge.

Under the rail line that lies between the footbridges.

Northeast on Madison from the first footbridge. This footbridge is literally a bridge to nowhere. It just comes to a dead end on the southeast.

Southwest on Madison from the footbridge. The rail overpass is dated 1959.

Southwest on Reedy Street at Eggleston. The overpass is the Gilbert Avenue Viaduct (US 22/OH 3). The green "Stadium/Coliseum" sign hovering above the street is old. Those signs are probably from the 1970s, back in the days of the now-defunct Riverfront Stadium. The picture of the Coliseum looks like a frontal view of someone snarling and showing all their teeth.

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