Nov. 27 Dec. 24 2016

My Roads Scholaring teeth were itching to hit poodirt again, but as you know, it was getting to be slim pickings by then.

11/27 - The main Scholaring in this photo shoot was a Peace Bike outing through East End! But wait! First we go through Newport, Ky.! This photo is the reappearance of Saratoga Street! From the path on the floodwall, this is looking up Saratoga where it meets Dave Cowens Drive. The street had been closed for awhile. It appears as if a wall will block Saratoga at 3rd. Dave Cowens Drive enters the parking garage under Newport on the Levee. The approach to the Purple People Bridge is on top of the parking garage where the fence is.

US 52 is of course Riverside Drive in East End. (It also was once US 50.) This is at Collins Avenue. The NO ENGINE BRAKE sign proves cities can stop noise from construction trucks like that which plagued Bellevue. Apologists for the loud trucks acted like regulating the unrelenting noise would violate their True Free Speach Now (tm), but this sign shows otherwise. So bust goes that bubble. Then again, I don't remember seeing this sign until after US 52 was ruined by gentrification, so maybe a quiet neighborhood is another privilege reserved only for a select few.

US 52 at St. Peters Street. (The road name apparently does have an s on the end. Also, it was once Ringgold Street.) This scene may be endangered, especially on the right in the foreground. A sign advertised more and more and more development - and it's not exactly affordable housing.

A video! And you're gonna watch it until your butt gets gnawed off in public (as a wise man once said)! We start on US 52 and then we use Carrel Street.

This video takes us into the neighborhood of Columbia-Tusculum - or as I call it, Columbia-BustTheGum. I call it that because of how you get bubble gum and bust it.

This is where Delta Avenue picks up Riverside Drive, with the 1916 rail overpass looming above. The PREPARE TO STOP WHEN FLASHING is of a very old internally lit variety.

Under the overpass. The NO TURN ON RED sign is probably old but the RIGHT TURN ONLY sign has to be ancient. I've probably covered it before.

12/24 - Here we're in the car on the way to an important Christmas Eve family gathering, and I'm trying out the camera in my smartphone that I'd just buyed. This is north on Stewart Avenue in Silverton, Ohio - which geographically fits into the category of the east side. We're going under I-71.

Continuing on Stewart.

Further on Stewart. That I-71 shield is old enough to suffer from sine rot.

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