Mar. 1 2023

As I was recovering from years of uremic poisoning, I used Red Bike's electric bikes to bip through Mount Lookout and other outposts of roadliness. It appears that all these photos except the last are on an old routing of US 50. So you're gonna peep all these photos until you have the CMYK values of every pixel memorized.

US 52 (Riverside Drive or the former Eastern Avenue) has this nice little wall on the left near Strader Avenue.

Delta Avenue and Linwood Avenue (OH 561) wrap around Mount Lookout Square. Mount Lookout Square sounds like a nice gathering spot, but most of it is just a parking lot. Though what you see here is now OH 561, it was once US 50.

Looking back at the parking lot that fills most of the square.

Look at that OH 561 marker standing there showing off its sine rot. This is northwest on Linwood and was once US 50.

The OH 561 marker at right is so faded that I almost missed it. This is ahead on Shaw, as OH 561 turns left onto Observatory. US 50 also used to turn left here.

West on Observatory. We've lost OH 561, but this is still old US 50.

Southwest on Madison at Vista. This too is old US 50.

Woodburn at Clayton - like Clayton from The Electric Company. It appears that even this was once part of US 50.

The Eden Park Drive bridge over Kemper Lane. Old US 50 again.

As Eden Park Drive goes under Cliff Drive, it continues to be old US 50.

A leg of the Gilbert Avenue Viaduct that feeds into 8th. The OH 3 marker and the arrow plate were both placed over older signs, though the arrow looked pretty old itself. It appears US 50 once ran on an older viaduct that was here.

Northeast on Pete Rose Way, which has US 52 here. I don't think this ever was mainline US 50, but the irreparably faded signs suggest it is Truck US 50.

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