CINCINNATI - north central
Feb. 24 2021

A Scholaring was in order, just because.

This blah Scholaring begins looking west on Court from Gilbert. I don't know why I took this photo.

Southwest on Gilbert (US 22/OH 3) at Court. A footbridge looms over this junction. Up ahead, Gilbert forms the Gilbert Avenue Viaduct.

East on Schiller at Main.

Northwest on Clifton between Lang and Frintz (near the overgrown Sharp Alley that was locked behind a gate).

School is one of these words that has changed meaning over the years. When this photo was taken, it meant "a building that just sits empty." This is a change from what it meant in my youth, when it meant "a building where people burn stuff all the time." This is north on Vine at Clifton.

West on Calhoun at Clifton. The school sign was in the early stages of sine rot. Up ahead is Hughes STEM High School.

Here we're on the campus of the University of Cincinnati, going north on McMicken Circle. At right is Van Wormer Hall, which was not named for singer Randy VanWarmer. Once again, there weren't that many students congregating. I'm not sure why, considering we had decent weather for February.

Montgomery Road (US 22/OH 3) at Cleneay in Norwood.

Southwest on Montgomery at Dana.

South on Woodburn approaching where it goes over I-71. An ancient, embossed NO PARKING ANY TIME sign dangles off the lower right of the photo.

After Montgomery becomes Gilbert again, this is southwest approaching downtown at Eden Park Drive.

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