Mar. 5 2009

Here we're still on the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which has truly lived up to its name. This is where the trail goes over US 50, and we're looking southwest on US 50 into Terrace Park.

It looks like the trail uses some sort of bridge with a metal wall - probably the bridge over US 50, but I'm not sure. The metal wall had a date of 1940.

It's the Milf! From the trail, this is looking east at the town of Milford - looking up Garfield Avenue.

From the trail again, this is the bottom of Shawnee Run Road, where it meets Glendale-Milford Road (OH 126). That intersection appears to be in Milford near the boundary with Indian Hill. If it was in Indian Hill, I could see how they could afford to spend money on an extra stop sign.

Looking up Shawnee Run Road into Indian Hill, Cincinnati's most exclusive suburb. As an example of Indian Hill's exclusivity, it resisted being reclassified from a village to a city when its population passed 5,000 in the 1990 census - so it added Village to its name, making it officially the City of the Village of Indian Hill.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail continues north. This is as far as I goed.

"LOOSE STONER"! Someone changed that sign so it says "LOOSE STONER"! This sign is off the trail in Milford.

Back at Newtown Road again! This is the trail, going west under Newtown Road.

The trail crosses the Little Miami River, right alongside Newtown Road.

Aaahh! Downstream on the Little Miami, from the trail. Note that island in the river.

Looking northeast on Newtown Road and the trail, where they go over the river. We're almost at the end of the trail now.

In Newtown, Newtown Road becomes Church Street. This is southwest on Church, approaching OH 32.

This is where I really started to get mad! You can see why: a 55 MPH speed limit, with no shoulders or any biking amenities. Truly a recipe for disaster. This is west on OH 32 in Anderson Township, going from Newtown towards Cincinnati.

Further on OH 32. I had to walk most of this stretch, because it was too dangerous to bike.

Neither OH 32 nor OH 125 is a freeway. However, OH 32 meets OH 125 at this freeway-style interchange. And trust me, this was easier to use than the stretch of OH 32 I was just on.

OH 32 joins OH 125, and we go back over the Little Miami River. Yes, this is the approved bike route, although it's almost a freeway, and it has no shoulder. To add to the danger, I was biking into the wind. The road suddenly improves where Cincinnati city maintenance begins. After that, the road is elevated on an earthen berm near Lunken Airport.

After OH 125 dumped me on Wooster Road without my permission, I ended up here. This is northwest on Hutton Street, looking at the steps to the footbridge to Eastern Avenue.

We're not even on US 50, so why are they telling trucks on US 50 to follow the truck route? This is southwest on Eastern Avenue, approaching the OH 125 viaduct.

Further on Eastern Avenue. That's an interesting wall at left.

My January 2009 side trip going southeast on Babb Alley wasn't enough to satisfy the forces of Babbdom. So this is going northwest on this forlorn thoroughfare. This is right after crossing Wenner Street.

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