CINCINNATI - northeast
June 11 2019

A year after the Road Ruiner's motor burned up, I used Red Bike's electric bikes for a little Roads Scholaring. Red Bike is a nonprofit, and it was quite a barg, so the people yelling about how everything needs to be for-profit can shut their noisemaker now. Also, we had record rainfall for June - and the local media still called it a "drought." Seriously.

This irritating construction gauntlet on US 52 (Riverside Drive) was around for months. Gentrification has also ravaged this stretch. This is approaching Hazen Street, just before the house on the left.

Looking down Collins Avenue where it goes under US 50 (Columbia Parkway). Now the ramp from Collins up to US 50 is completely gone. It was at left and still appeared as an abandoned road a decade earlier.

West on William Howard Taft Road at McMillan. Taft was not only President and Chief Justice, but his family was also responsible for Taft Broadcasting, which was swallowed up by the Clear Channel syndicate.

This small sign reveals Taft Road was once called Humboldt Street and was renamed because of anti-German panic during World War I.

West on Taft going over I-71. The I-71 markers (especially the one on the right) ain't exactly new.

Looking east from Burnet on an abandoned stretch of Hickory Street. The sidewalks are still there, but you can see nature reclaiming the brick roadway.

South on Highland at Goodman. The road goes under an enclosed walkway that links a parking garage with the medical building at left.

West on Piedmont at Bellevue. That stop sign needs Tums. Plus, there's another overhead walkway ahead.

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