Aug. 23 Sep. 11 2016

The main Scholaring in this fresh-cut batch of photos was in August. It was grueling. The Peace Bike and I went all the way to Northside, and the heat was so oppressive that I downed an entire flask of cold apple juice before I even got back to Kentucky.

8/23 - First things first, it's our August Scholaring! This is north on Gest at 3rd in Cincinnati. The green sign blade for 3rd has faded to white. And those blades are probably older than I previously thought - possibly 1960s.

This is the approach to what I still call the "secret bridge" - the old, old, old 6th Street span over Mill Creek. The dentistry experts on YouTube hate, hate, hate when I call it the "secret bridge", but tough toilets. I may already have a photo here from this exact spot from years earlier, but now I can highlight the completely rusted NO PARKING ANY TIME sign. Also, the bridge now truly goes nowhere, since they closed the other approach to rebuild the Waldvogel Viaduct. For some reason though, I did see a man bicycling in the other direction and slipping on some gravel.

East on Dalton Avenue where Freeman Avenue (not Freedent) goes over it. It's signed as Alt I-75/US 42 here, but I don't see what it has to do with either.

West on Monmouth Avenue in Camp Washington. At right is something called the American Sign Museum, which displays old signs for businesses. You'll notice here that they have a Frisch's Big Boy sign out front - which probably predates the unfortunate "There's no wa!" era.

North on Spring Grove Avenue approaching US 127 - Hamilton Avenue or Ludlow Avenue. I had to caputure the old, jagged US 127 sign assembly before it was too late.

Southwest on Vandalia Avenue past Apple Street.

South on Hamilton (US 127) approaching Vandalia. The sign blade for Vandalia got vandaled!

Northwest on Colerain Avenue at a little stub of roadway that may be Cecil Street. I know the first ONE WAY sign you see is very old, since it has a tapered arrow.

9/11 - A bonus photo from Newport in September! This was on the way home from Covington's Oktoberfest, where I aggravated a flare-up of TMJ disorder by downing a huge, chewy pretzel - in defiance of the medical establishment's dire warnings. This is from the path atop the floodwall in the city's northwest. The street in the foreground is Southgate Street, which may be abandoned to this urban prairie. But behind that, you can see construction of the new KY 8.

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