Nov. 8 Dec. 28 2013

2013! The year of government shutdowns and media mind-bending. We capped off 2013 with a small batch of local Roads Scholaring photos. The first was from November 8; the other 3 were from December 28.

11/8 - You know how there's that marvelous trail on the levee in Dayton, Ky.? Well, there was. Now the western end of it is in ruins because of a new road under construction here, which rises from 5th Avenue onto the levee and then back down to where Dodd Drive was. For no apparent reason. Except perhaps as an excuse to destroy part of the trail. The road under construction is behind the barrier up ahead. It's all part of the Manhattan Harbour boondoggle - which city officials approved even after realizing its developer misled them. Another needless development is in the background: the high-rise luxury condo building in Newport, which is destined to sit empty.

12/28 - Occupy Cincinnati continued to provide chances for road photos. This is east on Fort Washington Way (I-71/US 50) in downtown Cincinnati from Elm Street - where we held our banners protesting the far-right Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Another Allowed Cloud violated! This sign is at the bottom of a staircase and ramp that run from Riverboat Row in Newport up to Newport on the Levee. Me being my defiant self, I had just biked from the Purple People Bridge, along Newport on the Levee, and down this ramp, because I wanted to avoid traffic on KY 8. By the way, Newport on the Levee was built using eminent domain abuse, so they have some nerve telling me I can't use their ramp.

Back to Dayton, Ky.! The street on the left is of course O'Fallon Avenue (which separates Bellevue and Dayton), but the main feature here is the new road to the right. That's the road to Manhattan Harbour that rises from 5th onto the floodwall - when they could have just used Dodd Drive instead. There's no sign of any sidewalk or path to replace the trail that was demolished. Also, the retaining wall for this road is new.

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