July 14 2008

The Action Cam's nighttime photo capabilities are limited but not a complete vacuum. These photos followed a protest that my cohorts and I conducted against a right-wing cult east of Cincinnati. After the rally, we opted to go Roads Scholaring about town.

Here's a toast to success! Blublublublublub!

From the end of Watch Hill Lane in Newport, KY, this is the I-471 & Memorial Parkway (KY 1120) interchange on the boundary with Bellevue. The bright streak running horizontally in the foreground is the ramp from Memorial Parkway to I-471 south. The ramp is where part of Waterworks Road used to be before it was closed in the late 1970s. It was part of the old Spooky Hollow area.

I cropped this photo because there were so many arms in the way. This is Cincinnati as seen from the secluded portion of East 11th in Newport (east of Vine).

As you may know, the secret bridge under the Waldvogel Viaduct in Cincinnati is one of my perennial favorite Roads Scholaring sites. To mull over our successful protest, we gathered on the endangered span that was built in 1918. This is the bridge's rusty rail, with the lights from the viaduct bouncing off Mill Creek.

When we goed here at night, the surroundings reminded me of those in the scene in Creepshow with Stephen King's farmer character and the meteorite.

This too is on the secret bridge. This is probably looking west towards an eerie red railway signal.

I was so tired after the protest that I could barely even bip! This is on the secret bridge, with the Waldvogel Viaduct looming above my noggin!

Another view of the railing and the surrounding foliage on the secret bridge.

I ain't jokin'...The railing is broken! (That rhymes, and you know it rhymes!) Just one of many reasons you have to be extremely careful on this bridge!

Still on the secret bridge, this clearly used to be a rail line that shared the roadbed. And yes, grass and other plants do grow on the bridge's surface somehow.

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