Feb. 2-3 2009

To help handle our Midnight Adventures, I've created a new folder in my personal collection titled Miscellaneous Fun! But on this website, they're more like Miscellaneous Roads Scholaring! This set is from another bitter winter night, overlapping into early morning.

Another toast to success! Blublublublublub!

From Mount Adams, this is a beautiful view looking west at downtown. I'm paying special attention to the viaduct that links Columbia Parkway with 6th Street.

A shakier view, this time of the Ohio approach of the Purple People Bridge. The span is near the center of the photo. (Note the reflections in the Ohio River.) In the foreground though is the transition from Columbia Parkway to Fort Washington Way.

By request, this is a zoom of the twin towers on the east side of downtown. I'm not going to get into why this was requested.

Also by request, this is turning off Monastery Street and onto St. Gregory Street in Mount Adams. The banner appears to have said "LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS", but as you can see, it had been partially detached so it said..."LUXURY CONDOM"! Hahaha, what a nice joke on the luxury housing industry, isn't it?

Finally, this is in Newport, KY, standing on the closed portion of Chesapeake Avenue under I-471. This is looking west towards a pile of dirt that had formed during the construction of the upcoming shopping complex.

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