Aug. 12 2008

The Peace Bike and the Eyewitness Cam got a real workout for this 3-part set! Instead of boring suburbs, we did exciting central cities! Which of course is what Peace Bikes and Eyewitness Cams do best.

This is just a pre-bubbling to the main event. The Eyewitness Cam was experimenting with its nighttime capabilities in this part of Bellevue, KY. Ooh, spooky!

On the way to Cincinnati, I made this video of (ppphh!) Gas Alley in Bellevue. Gas Alley is halfway betwixt Washington Avenue and Foote Avenue and runs from Gorman Alley (the alley down from Fairfield Avenue) to Frank Benke Way.

Of Cincinnati's main downtown streets, 8th Street is probably the one that gets the least attention. This is east on 8th at Walnut. The Walnut Street sign uses Cincinnati's signature style that was common around the 1960s or 1970s.

For 2 blocks, 8th becomes Garfield Place - a divided street that features Piatt Park in the median. This is east on Garfield at Race Street. The median with the park is on the left.

This is excellent! This photo is of Liberty Street in the bustling neighborhood of West End. Liberty Street has more liberty than Brossart, that's for sure!

Northwest on Central Parkway, which obviously carries US 27/127. Here it went under a walkway off the end of Baymiller Street. From here, Baymiller runs south to Poplar Street. A pedestrian path 3 blocks south of that among some residential units is accordingly known as Baymiller, but in recent times, Baymiller Street didn't reappear for another mile past there at Linn Street. (The southern stretch of Baymiller is now in a construction ruins.)

This walkway was demolished in late 2008 or 2009.

From Central Parkway, looking south on Freeman Avenue in West End. Just behind the railing, Freeman ends at Central Avenue, which parallels Central Parkway. This stretch of Freeman does not connect with the stretch in the Queensgate neighborhood a mile south. And Freeman is definitely freer than Brossart!

Who can resist the Western Hills Viaduct? This is from Central Parkway, looking west onto the upper deck of that span. I think the tall, skinny tower in the left half of the pic is for Channel 19. (They're the anti-John Edwards station. Wait, all the stations are.)

Southwest from the intersection of Central Parkway and the Western Hills Viaduct. The BGS's are along I-75. The oil tanks near the upper left are likely the ones in Bromley, KY.

West on Marshall Avenue as it goes under I-75.

This uproarious mural was brand new but had already generated a world of controversy. The artwork is on a brick building on Colerain Avenue north of Hopple Street. It shows George Washington wearing a dress and riding a cow. Ol' George's cerebral tissue appears to be bulging out the top of his noggin.

South on Colerain at Arlington Street. This stretch of Colerain does not connect with the longer section north of here, as it was broken by I-75.

I don't know how graffiti artists managed to paint their messages 6 stories off the ground, but they did with this old building on Arlington Street.

North on Spring Grove Avenue as it goes under an unusual rail overpass south of Ralston Avenue.

As evidence of the aforementioned rail span being a strange character, this is looking south under the bridge. Peep the rusty framework over the sidewalk and the rock wall on the right-hand side of the roadway.

Here we're on Spring Grove Avenue as it goes over Mill Creek, but we're looking over the creek and west on Dreman Avenue.

I'm pretty sure this is north on Dane Avenue from the junction of Spring Grove and the William P. Dooley Bypass.

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